Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Year in Review

Happy 2015!!  (Insert horn blowing noise and confetti explosion.)  Did you miss me while I took a break?!

Ok, ok - maybe not.  But I'm glad you're back to read either way.

Anyway, with 2014 officially on the books, I want to take a moment to reflect on where I was in 2014 before I start blogging anew.  (Not to mention, what's better than enjoying your past achievements before pushing too hard on future goals?)

So, without further adieu...

2014, a year in review!


This was a year of have-nots and pulling back.  With a course closure on my first ever marathon attempt and a bout of plantars fasciitis, I resigned myself to the fact that not EVERY year can include a PR or mileage record.  And that's ok.  Instead, 2014 was focused on running races with friends and trying to find joy in being out there - period. 

Despite running without pushing myself physically, I still found myself being competitive with myself MENTALLY, attempting to maintain or beat my race record of 2013 - 15 bibs on my wall.  With 8-5Ks, 1-7K, 1-8K, my first ever 10K, two 5K segments of a duathlon, two half marathon relays and an attempt at a marathon ... well, I achieved that bib goal.  And, I even threw in a few fun runs and continued the tradition of spectating a few races as well.  Not to mention that one race I became director of...

March - Little Rock Marathon, Get Lucky 7K, Shamrock Shuffle 8K
May - Minnetonka Half Relay, Chaska 5K/10K (spectator only), Run100 Challenge One / Two
June - Waconia Half Relay, Rainbow Run 5K
July - Freedom 5K, Chinatown 5K, Bacon Chase 5K
August - Webster Education 5K, Minneapolis Duathlon Relay
September - Lake Run 5K, Madison Ironman (spectator only)
October - Women Run the Cities 5K, Twin Cities 10 Mile / Marathon (spectator only), Mankato 10K, Skeleton Run 5K
December - 24 Hour Relay for Aaron

Total miles raced - about 78 miles
(Not too shabby considering I didn't run any half marathons on my own to really bank miles...)


Ah yes, the never ending stream of wacky outfits.  After all, it isn't a workout with me if there isn't something colorful involved.  And lord help me if I show up to a bacon themed race without a costume (I'm still getting backlash from that one).

From sriracha tights to banana shirts to lady liberty, my costume wardrobe continued to grow in 2014.  And of course, I pulled out a few classics like wonder woman, unicorns and skeletons, too. 


Keeping Healthy

With sore feet and other physical/mental setbacks, plus the great summer flood washing out all my local trails, 2014 wasn't my best year in regards to keeping active and healthy. 

Ok, let's be realistic.  I'm very likely still much more active than the average joe.  But for me, dropping down to maybe 3-4 workouts a week that were about an hour each was quite a change. 

The downside to this is that I've packed on a few pounds.  But the good thing is, I'm aware of that and I'm working on it.  And ... it's not so much that my clothes don't fit, so there's that.  (Let's just say my clothes just don't look as good as they once did.)

The upside to this change was that I started up swimming.  And although I'm not really a HUGE fan of lap swim, I've gotten a lot better at it.  I've got a long way to go (yes, I only breathe on the right side right now ... the left takes a bit more work for me), but I'm working on it.


Unlike 2013, I didn't have any major changes - I kept my bangs, I kept working out, I kept doing my thing.

The elephant in the room for 2014 was that I got pregnant, but it didn't work out.  Although that loss may never be easy for me on an emotional level, I made it through with the help of some friends.  And while that loss will always be a part of my life story, each day my heart becomes a little less pained and a little more healed. 


So, what did I think of 2014?

Well, it wasn't as grand as 2013.  I had a lot of up and downs.  But I think finding my happy in the last few years really helped me deal with all the emotions I experienced in 2014.  Had I not grown into the healthy person I was in 2013, I think 2014 would have been a hell of a trip.  Instead, despite the emotional pain and frustration, I made it through and still kept a smile on my face.

But, on the other hand, I'm somewhat happy to have the closure that a year end brings.  There were a lot of bad things that happened in 2014, and I think that finality of a year end might bring me the closure I need to try to let go and move on.

Which means, I am looking forward to starting fresh in 2015. 

Well, that, and keeping my bib record at a minimum of 15 for the year.  LOL!

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