Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays 2014!

With the upcoming holidays, I'm going to take a little break from the blog.  No surprise, right?  I did this last year too.

To keep you from getting too sad, here's the outfit I wore just this last weekend, at my run club's Santa Hat run. 


Not lit in this photo - the blinking lights strung around my skirt and lower chest.
You can see the wire coming off of my left ribcage and hanging down.

No, I didn't run in that, unfortunately.  I was a feeling a little sore, and with the ice storm we had earlier in the week, I opted for a rest day.  Boo.  But at least I was there to join in the festivities.  And yes, I did still wear my running shoes ... that's dedication, shoes and no run.  I'm finally learning to listen to my body rather than over do it!

Anyway, while I'm gone, I want to hear about all your adventures.  Let me know about your favorite workout, holiday 5K race, or other fun stuff  - there's lots of room to tell me a story in the comment section below.

I'll be holding off on new posts until January 2015.  Look for more news from me then!


  1. Happy new year, Natalie! Sorry that I haven't been commenting lately, but I am still reading all of your posts! Cheers to 2015 being a wonderful year filled with prosperity, health, and happiness for all of us. I'm looking forward to hearing more news from you in the coming weeks!!!

    As always - LOVE the outfit, especially the sparkly skirt! Cheers to listening to your body, too!

    1. Happy New Years to you, too! Here's to a wonderful 2015, and maybe some new PRs? :-)