Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Year of the Swim - Update #3

As I've mentioned a few times this year on the blog, I'm trying something new for 2017 and attempting the 100 Mile Swim Challenge. 

Since I signed up late for that program, as it was basically already 3+ weeks in when I saw it  was offered at my new gym, I definitely started this challenge with an uphill climb.  And it is even more so a challenge for me since I'm not exactly a professional swimmer, and hitting 100 miles would force me to over double (if not triple) my weekly swim efforts.

So, where do I stand?

Well - let's start with where I SHOULD be.  It's now July, which means I'm half way through the year and should also be half way through my miles (AKA 50 complete). 

In reality, my life right now is ...

Yeah.  So I closed out June with about 35 miles done.  Not terrible given my late start, but also not great.

And I'm not kidding on the Taco Bell, by the way.  I've been eating (and living) like a pig as of late, and my scale reflects it.  *sad clown whistle*

The good news is, I've only gained a couple of pounds.  The bad news is, it's all fat, and my beer gut shows it.  Blech. 

The other good news is, all this extra swimming is making me fast.  The other bad news is, I'm not nearly as fast as I thought I was.

So, that's where I stand.  I got some swimmin' to do, y'all.  Good thing I stocked up on clarifying shampoo.  Now if only I could find a good body wash to get rid of the chlorine smell from my skin, too ...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Do a Good Deed

As you know, a few weeks back I touched on the fact that I was ramping down on my breastfeeding.

While I thought the hardest part of this process would be getting my son to adapt to the change, I was woefully wrong.  Since he's such a good eater - both solids and liquids - he could have cared less about moving to cow's milk. 

The real hard part was the physical piece for me. 

Thankfully, I have finally gotten over the hump of my body accepting I am not breastfeeding anymore.   For the most part, I feel "normal" again ... whatever that means for a postpartum body.  Heh.

But despite not needing breast milk anymore, until yesterday morning I had a chest freezer in the basement full of it.  Good thing I had followed this Facebook page ages ago:

For my good deed of the week, I donated somewhere between 350 to 400 ounces of frozen breast milk to a recently adopted little boy.  I saw him when I went to drop off the milk ... 11 days old .. adorable!  Hard to believe my "about to outgrow 2T clothing" one year old boy was ever that small!

If you're a new mom who might need milk, or has an over supply that you might want to share, please - check out this page (or search for one located in your state ... since this one is Minnesota specific).  Such a great community for those in need.


What was your good deed of the week?  I want to know!  Share below.