Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Where Does Time Go?!

Well, the week of Thanksgiving I said I was taking time off this blog to celebrate ... and then here I am.  Over three weeks later and no posts.  Where the heck does time go?!  Ah the busy life of a new mom, especially during the holiday season.  Am I right?!

Never fear, all is A-OK.  Not only is my family well, I'm also getting back into a somewhat regular workout routine.  I'm not exactly on a set schedule, as my life requires LOTS of flexibility these days, but I am keeping up with at least one session each of swimming, cycling, and a strength/cardio group fitness class every week. 

You may have noticed I didn't mention running in there.  Yeah ... about that. 


Rather than make excuses, I'll just admit I haven't made running a priority in my life again ... yet.  I do have intentions of making that happen, and hopefully once we get over the Christmas hump and the hectic holiday schedule slows down, I'll have a little time to do it.

I mean, I kind of have to.  I'm signed up for an indoor tri at the end of February, and I can't exactly go into that with no running base.  Well, I suppose technically I could, but I'm too competitive to not at least TRY to get myself back into some sort of running shape prior to a race.

Anyway, for now, I have enough on my plate.  And I'm not trying to guilt myself for not getting running in.  I mean ... I can't imagine what else might be taking priority ... I certainly don't have an 8 month old at home or anything.

The above being said, this is likely my last post for 2016.  I wish you all well during the holiday season, and I'll be back in full force come January.