Monday, December 8, 2014

Barre Blend

A few weeks ago, I took some CECs (continuing education classes) for my group fitness certification.

Just to get you up to speed:

(1) Yes, I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor
(2) Every two years, I have to complete 20 credits worth of CECs to stay certified

In the last year or so, I have completed (or am in the process of completing) credits involving a range of topics such as: boot camp planning, body composition analysis, and pre/post natal exercise modification.

Yeah.  That's military inspired fitness, body fat calculations and pregnant lady stuff.  I suppose I couldn't get more of a mixed bag than that, huh?

Given my ADD in choosing CECs, it should only make sense that I continue that pattern... as such, my choice du jour for my last few CECs was ...



If you are totally new to barre, which I was, essentially barre blend is a ballet inspired workout.  That you do with no shoes.  (As you can tell, this disturbs me a little.)  And you mix in some strength and cardio moves as well to get a full body workout.

And - very important here - a portion of the workout involves holding poses for isometric muscle work.

To explain using pictures instead of words, it's basically:


Looks like medieval torture fun, no?

And yes, you are required to wear the Michelle leo & sweatband.

Just kidding. 


Anyway, I actually came into the barre class being pretty excited.  Since I've read and heard a lot of great things about the barre format, I thought this class would be a blast.  Unfortunately, though, I was a little disappointed.

Let me back pedal for a second.

I wasn't disappointed in the class concept itself.  I was more disappointed that I didn't try barre in a real studio first, BEFORE learning the theories behind it, and how to teach it as an instructor.

Rather than pick apart my training, let me just simply state what I think the real problem for me was: by jumping the gun and going straight into exercise theory, I missed the opportunity to find the joy in the barre workout.

I found that I spend much of the class picking apart what each exercise did for the body and a particular muscle group.  And I lost focus on the most important part (to me) about an exersize:


Because, let's face it - if it's not fun, you're not going to keep doing it in the future, right?!

So that being said, today I'm looking for recommendations.  Have you been to a barre class in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area?  Do you have a studio recommendation, or a class you think I should try?  (Bonus points if they offer a first week free promo to try it out).

Let me know.  Who knows?!  Maybe YOU will inspire a future blog post!!

So ... go!!  Comment below!!

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