Monday, December 15, 2014

200 Calories of Various Foods

Awhile ago I did a post comparing food plates - IE how many calories you could get if you ate a fast food meal versus a whole food meal.  This is just a portion of the post, but to get the idea, it looked something like this:

Around the same time, I also did a post about healthy snacking, and how to enjoy a 250+/- calorie snack that doesn't come from a bag.  IE, something like this:


When you compare those two examples above, it's kind of scary how the calories and portion sizes break down, no?

Anyway, recently I stumbled across this article comparing various foods at 200 calories.  A couple of my favorite comparisons:

It's such a drastic difference!!  I mean, an entire overflowing plate of celery versus one pat of butter?!

Imagine how full that plate of celery would make you feel all day long.  Not that I'm saying you would have to eat the entire plate of celery or eat that way every day ... but what if you had that and the half of the burger even just once?  That would be a decently healthy meal, aside from the fact that you'd be eating your weight in celery...  but you'd have a full stomach all day, and still just intake 400 calories for your meal.

With holiday eating in full swing, it kind of puts in perspective what we should eat and what we do eat. 

And maybe this is just enough to give you some ideas on how to offset some of those cookies and egg nog treats you're enjoying right now...?

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