Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Please Donate: Aaron Purmort 24 Hour Run

I had life all planned out this week.  Blogs were lined up, all ready to publish and everything.

And then shit happened.

And I was inclined to do something about it.

If you click on the link above, you'll see that one of my favorite run bloggers, Steve in a Speedo, decided to organize a 24 hour charity run for Aaron Purtmort - someone I had just heard of a day or two before thanks to this awesome obituary:

Truth: I never knew Aaron.  But when someone mentions one of his last conversations with his wife going like this:

I’ll always be with you. He says.


Unless you’re peeing. That’s gross. Also, please start shutting the door when you pee. I mean it. No more peeing with the door half open - it’s fucking disgusting.

...well, seems kinda like Aaron and I could have been friends.

So I felt compelled to do something.  Which means team "Skin & Bones" was born.


Anyway - will you consider contributing to the cause?

Why?  Because why fucking not help Aaron's wife support their young child after his passing in his 30's - that's why!! 

Besides, life comes and goes.  Even Aaron knew that:

But we are stardust, and our bodies are just vessels to help us navigate this earth and to eat Taco Bell.


Read more about Aaron here.

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