Wednesday, June 4, 2014


For those of you who didn't catch it last Friday morning, in May I threw down with a fellow run club member in an effort to finish our 100 mile goal.

Somehow, in the process of doing so, I ended up needing to change the name of this post from EPIC BATTLE to...

"The One Where I Do A Beer Mile"

I dunno how I talk myself into these things.  But here's a photo journey of my 100th mile, done and done.

First up, my bike.  Refer to my Facebook status for more details...
Yeah, I should be running, and given the flat, I almost didn't bike... but I worked it out.
Besides, I couldn't exactly drive home from what was about to follow.
True story, I biked to the start with that on my back.
Title this: Before.
I wore my skull shirt to look intimidating.  That's my tough guy face...
which apparently doesn't really work given my competitor's smile.
Or, maybe he's laughing because his wife just got done pulling splinters out of my butt.
That's what happens when you sit on a wooden bench in running tights.
Ok, ok.  Down to business.
Line 'em up and... go!
First lap down.   Time to drink.
Clearly I am the better beer drinker.
And the better burper - I worked it out each lap, that's for sure!
Coming in for the final mile...

 It's a photo finish!

And - end scene.
An Epic Battle ... laid to rest via running and beer.

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