Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm Blowin' Sunshine #1

Awhile back, I was asked to do some more Q&A type posts ...

Since I tend to get a little long winded (no - really?!), I decided to chop up some "typical" Q&A posts into multi part segments to make them a little more digestible.  In the next few weeks, I'll randomly be incorporating some of those questions into a post. 

Today, I'm starting with the below.  I've taken my inspiration for the first few posts from the Sunshine Award Q&A format.  Below are questions 1-3 from that. 



1.  What is your greatest comfort food?

This is going to shock you, but I'm going to go for something ... less than healthy.

I am a huge sucker for cheese.  Anything with cheese.  Can you tell I'm a good Wisconsin girl at heart?!

I know that I used to eat far too much cheese, though, so I really started to work hard at trying to eliminate it from my diet as much as possible a few years back.  I even did a dairy elimination in January 2013... that was an interesting month.  Things I learned:  when you "detox" from diary you get a NASTY taste in your month for days, vegan cheese is NOT good, and nutritional yeast does NOT make a good nacho sauce.

Anyway, back to comfort food.

If I'm at a restaurant, especially for happy hour, you can almost bet money that I'll end up ordering a giant mountain of nachos (and eating most of it myself).  I prefer them if they have the extra nasty, bad for you, nacho cheese goo on them.  But I'll settle for shredded cheddar.

If I'm at home and looking for some comfort, I'll make mac & cheese with Velveeta.

I'm also a softy for the Velveeta-Rotel-sausage nacho dip.

I know, I can't believe I'm admitting this either.  But - all is OK in moderation!  Uh ... right ... ???

2.  What is your biggest accomplishment?

Fitness wise?  I used to be very proud of my personal weight loss, but now that's sort of old hat.  These days, I'm super proud of myself for having a group fitness certification and teaching aerobics classes (although I don't toot my own horn about it or anything).  I think it's such a big deal to me because it was something I never dreamed I could ever do, it seems kind of unreal.  And, I really enjoy it.  Not to mention it gives me a chance to preach about how fun working out can be ... despite the fact that most time my students are looking at me like this:

Aside from fitness, my biggest personal accomplishment in life... huh.  That's tough. 

I guess I can look at where I came from versus where I am and call that an accomplishment.  I say that because my parents both worked non-professional jobs when I was a kid (my dad was a cement mason and my mom did daycare out of the home).  Neither of them made a very substantial income or had any experience in a office type setting, let alone experience traveling overseas or anything like that. 

For crying out loud, we used to shop for clothes at Goodwill and garage sale on the regular.  I think that says something about where we were at.

Anyway, when I think about where I am now, and my role at my company and the business I conduct on a regular basis, it's pretty amazing I was able to figure it all out without my parents leading the way.  Not many people out there break the mold of where they come from and venture into something above and beyond.

3.    What is your greatest regret?

You know, there is always something dumb floating out there that I've said or done that I wish I hadn't. 

But the truth of the matter is - that stuff all fades away.  People forget or move on.  So I don't really consider those regrets.

This might sound cheesy, but I try to live life without regrets. 

And so, I honestly cannot think of a single thing in my life that I truly, truly regret. 

Don't get me wrong.  I definitely did things in years past that I wouldn't do today for a million dollars.  But the flip side of that is, I'm a different person today then I was then.  I did what seemed right for me then.  And maybe it was right for me then (or maybe it wasn't).  But I can't change it.  So why worry about it?

Regretting life is too much work.  I need to save my energy for the gym.


Questions 4-6 to come!

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