Monday, June 23, 2014

FIFA-foofa, Get Back On Track

Is anyone else out there tired of the FIFA takeover yet?

Yeah, yeah.  It's all over right now.  And everyone is just *so excited* about it.

Let's be real.  Pretty much no one in the USA REALLY cares about FIFA, and yet suddenly, everyone is talking about it like it's some hot sh!t.  My theory is, people only like it because it means they can drink beer and yell loudly without any ill effects.

Maybe I'd like it better if all the games came out like this.


In other, totally unrelated news, life in my neck of the woods has pretty much SUCKED lately.  All of last week it rained every day.  And not just a little, either.  A LOT!  Roads have been flooding out, and some serious erosion has happened.  Here are some photos of the City Hall building and a local road, both of which are just down the hill from my house.


Things appeared to be under control by last Friday, since they did some emergency/temporary re-enforcement, but still...

I'm just grateful that I live on top of a hill, nowhere near a river or creek, right about now.

That, and the fact that my body has finally come back on track. 

For those of you who read my blog a few weeks back about my miscarriage, a simple update: everything seems to be back to normal.  And of course, although I'm saddened by the loss, I'm feeling OK about moving on.

So - that's about it.  Nothing too "fitness" oriented today, but what I can say is... it's a great time for everything to get back on track. 

Now lemme take a selfie.

Who wears cheetah, anyway? #cheetah

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