Friday, May 30, 2014


As you already know, I'm a very active member of my gym.  Not to mention a teacher there.

Anyway, every year the run club has a special event in May called Run100. You may remember me talking about it last year.  The Run100 coincides each year with the 5K/10K race the gym puts on mid May, which you just read about or read about last year.

This year, I signed up for it again... but I just wasn't feeling it.  After having had a miscarriage just before the contest started, I was having a hard time being motivated to start running again.

So, yes, I was dragging ass up through Memorial Weekend, and then realized I was in crisis mode and needed to pound out the miles. 

That's when I posted this... which surprisingly, garnered quite a bit of feedback:

Unbeknownst to me, the conversation was quickly about to turn...

Wait, so now I'm not only trying to Run100, but I'm trying to beat a fellow gym buddy to the punch?  But, the conversation still goes on...

And so, the feud was born:

Of course, a discussion ensued... but, wait!  Do I sense some fear in my competitor?

Fearful or not, what followed is easily the funniest quote of the whole discussion:

Funny quotes aside, my challenger was definitely on his game.  The next day, he wasted no time getting started.

Not to be outdone, I ran a few miles too... but not many. I had only whittled my way down to about 20.

In the meantime, I had an idea brewing:

I don't know what happened, though.  The next day, my challenger went soft.

Wasting previous time... picking mushrooms?!?!?!  What are you Brian, some kind of pansy?

I, on the other hand, had no time to waste:

And my competitive nature started to show through...

Just when I thought I was in the clear that evening, and pulling way ahead:

Realizing his vital error, my challenger struck back... bringing down his mileage in my own backyard!

I couldn't stand it.  An attack that close to home?  I had to retaliate.

And now ... here we are... Friday.  Just over 24 hours left to complete our mileage.  What is to come...?  Stay tuned!

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