Monday, May 19, 2014

What's Hot?

A little over a week ago I read an article about how men and women view human physical beauty in terms of BMI.  Or, simply put - at what body weight do you look uber hot?

When I read the article, I didn't know if I wanted to blog about it.  And of course, now that I've decided I DO want to blog about it, I can't find the dumb article.  Boo.

However, I did find a more scientific article referencing the same study - hooray!  Good news, because I wanted to recap the basics of the study for you to chew on.  Bad news, because the study is very dense ... so, read at your own risk.

Anyway, don't mind me while I cut straight to the chase ...

What body weights women thought were most attractive, averaged:

What body weights men thought was most attractive, averaged:

Before I go into the science, notice anything?  Aside from the fact that the bodies are very similar on both sides of the study...

It's very subtle...

It has to do with breasts...

Ok, give up?  I have to point it out because this kills me - the women actually said bigger breasts are more attractive!  LOL!  Check it out in a side by side comparison (women's choices are A&B):

Yep, women are more into boobs then men are.  Hmm...

Anyway, the bare bones facts behind the study are as follows. 

        - Both men and women felt that men were most attractive at an average BMI of: 25+/-
        - Both men and women felt that women were most attractive at an average BMI of: 18+/-

Going back to the basics of the BMI scale, which you may already know: a "healthy" weight range falls between 18 - 25.  Anything under 18 is deemed underweight.  Anything over 25 is deemed overweight, with the obese factor kicking in at 30+. 

So, what does this mean in terms of the study?

Referencing the two bullet points above:

       - Women are most attractive at a BMI of 18, or just slightly above the "underweight" cut off
       - Men are most attractive at a BMI of 25, or just at/slightly above the "overweight" cut off

I definitely have some thoughts on this... but I'm curious.  What do YOU have to say about it?  Comment below.


  1. I have to say that this probably goes to society's assumption of gender roles. It stinks that women in general think they have to compensate for their insecurities with breast size (that is what I assumed the reason behind that difference in visual). I am also thinking that since BMI doesn't take into account muscle mass, that men are supposed to be stronger than women in the opinion of this study; that is why their BMI is higher. Very interesting study. Don't have time to read it all over lunch, but what an unfortunate and intriguing find!

    1. Bingo. Muscle mass aside, to me it says something about what expectations we have for genders. Women should be dainty and thin and carefully manage their calories to maintain a "beautiful" look. Where as men are OK to be on the chubby side, and won't catch grief for it. Think of all the TV shows that exemplify this attitude - King of Queens, for example. Overweight man, extremely attractive and thin wife. When was the last time you watched a hit TV show where the lead character was a witty, full figured woman? And yet, there are shows with men in that role all the time.