Monday, January 26, 2015

Soda Ravages

Last week, I read this article about what happens to your body after you drink a soda.

In a nut shell:

(1) As soon as soda's swallowed:
The pancreas is notified and rapidly begins to create insulin in response to the sugar.

(2) Within just 20 minutes:
Blood sugar levels spike and the liver responds to the insulin by turning sugar into fat for storage.

(3) Within 45 minutes
Caffeine from the drink is fully absorbed, and as a result your pupils dilate and blood pressure rises. The body produces more dopamine, which stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain — just like a low-grade line of cocaine.

(4) When the hour chimes
The body begins to experience a blood sugar crash, which is around the same time a person reaches for their second soda, or for another sweet and sugar snack to suffice.

Hm.  Addictive much?  Makes you think.

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