Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 Racing, It Begins

Despite the sub zero temps here, and all the snow, several people are already coming to me asking ...

"So, what's your 2015 race schedule?"

And for now, my short answer is - I don't know.

I'm still debating what my feet think about me doing high impact moves, so I'm afraid to commit to anything major in racing right now.  And also, I'm not really in the mood to start dropping big bucks on registrations.

But as I say this, I'm already committed for sure to two races so far this year.  And I want to try for a half again in 2015 if I can.  How dumb is that?


Tri U Mah

Per the website: The Tri-U-Mah! Indoor Triathlon will take place on Saturday, February 28, 2015. It consists of 30 minute swimming, biking, and running sections. Participants will have 30 minutes to complete each individual section.

My comments: I've decided that 2015 is the year of the tri for me.  This will be my first tri race, and I think it will be a good way to get my feet wet (like the joke?  HA!).  Although I have done a multi sport race before (run/bike/run), this will be my first ever true tri with swimming included.  I'm nervous and excited all at the same time!!


Pi Day Pi K

Per the website:


My comments:  This one I may not technically be running "in".  Depending on a few factors, I may just end up helping run "it", in the volunteer sense.  Either way, how can you say no to a race that includes a water stop with pie shots, and a finish line with pie at the end?!


Hot Chocolate (5K)

Per the website: On April 18th, the Hot Chocolate is finishing off the season in Minneapolis once again.  Enjoy an unforgettable run through the city and reward yourself with piles of rich, melty chocolate - you've deserved it.

My comments:  As you already know, I'm not a huge fan of "chain races" (IE the races that are known nationally, have 5 billion registrants, and have very little local/personal flair).  But, screw that.  This race is ON MY BIRTHDAY AND HAS CHOCOLATE FONDUE AT THE FINISH.  I'm totally doing it.


And, that's it!  What are your race plans for 2015?

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