Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Starting Over

If you've been reading this blog for the last year or so, it should come as no surprise that I've had some regression as of late.

Somehow, in the last 6 months, I've forgotten than working out 2-3 times per week isn't exactly what I need to keep myself healthy.  Not to mention all the poor food choices I've been making.

I refuse to make any excuses, though.  In the end, I needed the break from a mental AND physical health perspective, so it was good I took it.

And also, all the choices I made that put me where I am today - those were my choices, too.  I chose to work out less.  I chose to eat more, and more unhealthy things as well.  I refuse to put that blame on anyone except myself.  As I said to my husband the other night "I know it's my own fault I've gotten to this point, I opened my mouth and put the food in there - didn't I?"

So now, I've got a challenge to get back on track.  And I'm not sure yet how bad "getting back on track" is, as I've been afraid to step on a scale since mid-December.  All I know is that my pants are tight, and I have at least 10 pounds (maybe more like 15+ now) to lose.

I honestly feel like I'm starting over.  And I'm a little frustrated.

Not to mention, I've been saying I need to get back on track for several months now.  Which is utterly ridiculous - I hate saying things like that and not taking action.

So now, I take action.

What's my plan?

(1) Working Out

The new schedule I'm working to stick to will put me back in line with the volume I used to do ... at least, prior to starting marathon training last fall.  That means a schedule roughly like this:

Monday - AM Group Strength (as a student), PM Cycle (as a student)
Tuesday - PM Total Body (teaching)
Wednesday - PM Swim (as a student)
Thursday - PM Total Body (teaching)
Friday - Still my rest day, this has always been my one celebration for Friday
Saturday - AM Cardio (teaching)
Sunday - PM Yoga (as a student)

I'm already on week two of this and feeling drastically better physically.  So now it's going to be tough to stop knowing the improvement.  That's a plus.

(2) Eating

Now that the holidays are over, and the temptation is much less strong, I'm working to get my eating back in line.  No more mindless snacking (since the food isn't sitting around), no more junk food (again, not sitting around).  More vegetables and fruit.  Maybe even less cheese (yes, I just cried a little).

My goal is to get back to where I was last June/July - half of my calories for the day from plant sources (minimum), as many proteins as possible from non-animal sources, that kind of stuff.

The big change here will be cutting out eating out.  That's one thing I've REALLY slipped on over the holidays.  It's so fun to meet up with people, have a meal out, talk about how their year went, etc.  So now, my goal is to limit myself to one "bad" meal out per week - this could even include pizza delivered to my house or whatever.  And if I have to eat out any other time during the week (sometimes my work requires it), I'll get back into the habit of ordering lighter options or salads.

And of course, beer.  Ah - the good stuff.  I'm not going to go crazy and say I won't drink any, as I've really been enjoying my rotations through the new tap houses in the twin cities.  BUT, I will be more responsible.  Tasting is one thing.  Over indulging is another.  Getting to the point where I'm talking about The Rock and asking what's cookin' ... that is obviously too far.


So now, patience.  I took 6 months to put this weight on.  I need to give myself time to take it back off again as well.  Although, not gonna lie ... it would be nice to get some of it off before the Pitbull concert I'm going to on Feb 21st.  I do kinda want to look hot while I shake it.  Da-le!! 

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