Friday, September 12, 2014

Show and Tell - Part 2

Awhile back I posted what my medal rack and bib display looked like.  At the time, I only had 14 items laying claim to rack space at home, and a fairly decent area covered on my cube wall at work. 

Of course you know that I've ran quite a bit since then, and unfortunately my poor rack was starting to get a bit overwhelmed, not to mention the disaster that was my cubical...  which meant time to organize. 

Thanks to my brother in law, who is a metal works guy, cleaning up my medal display was a snap.  He was the original maker of the upper portion, and in a matter of a few days had whipped up some adder racks to me to use on future medals (only one of which is currently in deployment, but a second will be added shortly).

May I present to you the updated medal display:

Medal collection, left to right:
(Click on any blue race title to read the report)
2nd Place/Age Category, Lake Run 2011
Get Lucky 7K 2012
Run 100 2014 Finisher Charm
Iron Girl Du 2012 
Monster Dash Half 2012
If you have an eagle eye, you may notice my Little Rock Marathon 2014 beast of a medal is missing from the display.  That's because that thing weighs 2.5+ pounds.  As such, I'm struggling to figure out what to do with it.  I think it may need to be hung on a stud since it's so heavy.  More to follow there...
Not to be out done at home, I also cleaned up my bib wall at the office.  Actually, that was even more disastrous since I'm close to 50 bibs now.  Plus, there was the issue of people knocking off the push pins I was using to keep the bibs hung when they came to visit my cube area.
May I present to you, my new bib wall:
My Bib Collection
Starting with New Prague 5K 2010 in the upper left (my first ever race)
I have to admit, this hanging style isn't as impressive as the previous method was... but it is definitely more functional (since there's hardly any push pins to knock down).  Think of it of like high heels versus tennis shoes - a runner has to make hard choices sometimes.  Plus, since the bibs are hung from a ribbon with a safety pin in the upper corner, it helps me use up some of my safety pins amassed from all my races... which seriously is getting to be a ridiculous collection.
Anyway!  That's all I got for today... so, tell me - how does your display look?  Send me a link to your collection in the comments below!!

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