Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Year in Review

Hey ya'll, I'm back from holiday break!  I bet you missed me, huh?

With 2013 all wrapped up, I thought it might be fun to take a moment and reflect on where I've been before I start blogging anew, so that's what this post is going to be all about.

Besides, what better than to enjoy your past achievements before pushing too hard on future goals?  And, this year it's even more fun to do so, since I documented most of my year on this blog!

So, without further adieu...

2013, a year in review!


I kept myself plenty busy this year, racing: 8-5Ks, 1-7K, four half marathons, two 5K segments of a Duathalon, and an 8 mile segment of a triathlon.  All this added 15 new bibs to my wall!!  And, for good measure, I threw some spectating in there, too.

March - Shamwalk 5K, Get Lucky 7K
April - DogNJog 5K
May - Minnetonka Half Marathon, Adventure Triathlon, Race Chaska 5K(rained out)
June - Rainbow Run 5K
July - Freedom 5K, Gandy Dancer Trail Run 5K
August - Webster Education Foundation 5K, Serpent Run 5K, Minneapolis Duathlon
September - Lake Run 5K, Chicago Half Marathon
October - TC 10 mile / marathon (spectator only), Mankato Half Marathon, Monster Half Marathon

Total miles raced - just over 96 miles
(Let's not even talk about training miles and cross training, yikes.)


With all those races, you had to know this was coming.  Not to mention, it wouldn't be a workout with me if there wasn't some sort of wardrobing involved.


 Ok, you got me - that last one wasn't technically a workout outfit.  I just wanted to be fancy at work on Halloween.  My nephew guessed I was Lady Gaga... I suppose she somewhat resembles a mermaid?

Keeping Healthy

I started sharing my weight loss journey with everyone, along with tips about portion control and caloric intake, and a few interesting recipes along the way.

I also laid it out there about my own weight frustrations, and not letting things like the BMI scale get you down.

And I hope along the way that in inspired you to eat healthier stuff like this, not that.  Or, at a bare minimum, how to make healthier choices when you do eat out.


I got bangs.

I continued to get fit... and flexed.

And fist pumped.

Aaaannndd ... barefoot balleted?  (I don't know, don't ask me).

I got a gig teaching aerobics.

But I didn't let it go to my head... much.

And all along the way, I made lots of new friends, picked up a few fans, and got a little crazy.


After all of the above, I took some time to really think about my life in 2013.  I can honestly say, it was quite possibly one of the best years of my life.

Although I've always been good at smiling, I think I've finally mastered the art of true happiness.  It may have taken me a few years of fine tuning my circle of friends, mastering my family life, and stepping back a bit in my career, but now I can say - all that work was worth it. 

My body and my happiness has been over 4 years in the making.  But with small changes made, step by step, over a long period of time ... it's all added up to a MAJOR life change.  When you compare where I was before I started my change in 2009, to where I was on the last day of 2013... it really is amazing.

And for that, I want to say - if I did it, you can do it too. 

Is 2014 your year to get started?

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