Monday, January 20, 2014

Boo - Technical Difficulty & Resolutions

Ok, truth is out.

I was on vacation last week, and my pre-scheduled blog posts didn't auto publish like they were supposed to.


On the up side, instead, I was doing this, so I can't really complain:


Not sure where that is?  Here are a few hints:


Figure it out yet?  Note the cruise ships in the lower right of the one photo...

If you guessed the British Virgin Islands - you win!

I had a great trip, so I'm not going to complain that my blog posts didn't work.  Life on a sailboat with no wifi is going to have it's problems, right?

Anyway, below is my original post that was supposed to go up 1/13/2014.  And now, we should be back on track for the rest of the week! 


Well folks, we've passed the ever so important hurdle of Happy Holidays to New Years Resolution time. 

And, it's been s little over a full week since resolution work has begun.

So, tell me, how are you're resolutions going?

Mine, well...

A little of this:

A little of that:

Eventually, I expect to sprinkle a little of this in there, too:

Did you know that if you share your resolution goals with other people, you're far more likely to make progress towards achieving them?  Guess what that meants?!

I want to hear about your fitness goals for 2014.  Shout outs welcome below!

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