Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays 2013!

With the upcoming holidays, I'm going to take a little break from the blog.

To keep you from getting too sad, here's the outfit I taught in this week, celebrating my last regular class of 2013. 

Yes, I taught in that.  No, you're not imagining the "drink up" sweater on my water bottle.  And FYI, furry socks shed a lot during high intensity workouts.  (Insert jab at Lululemon's pilling pants and denial here).

While I'm gone, I want to hear about all your adventures.  Let me know about your favorite workout, holiday 5K race, or other fun stuff  - there's lots of room to tell me a story in the comment section below.

I'll be holding off on new posts until January 2014.  Look for more news from me then!

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