Monday, February 16, 2015

Starting Over, Update

As  I mentioned in a post awhile back, I've had some weight regression in the last 6-9 months.  I'm not thrilled about it, so I came up with this plan to get myself back on track:

(1) Working Out

Monday - AM Group Strength (as a student), PM Cycle (as a student)
Tuesday - PM Total Body (teaching)
Wednesday - PM Swim (as a student)
Thursday - PM Total Body (teaching)
Friday - Still my rest day, this has always been my one celebration for Friday
Saturday - AM Cardio (teaching)
Sunday - PM Yoga (as a student)

(2) Eating

Now that the holidays are over, and the temptation is much less strong, I'm working to get my eating back in line.  No more mindless snacking (since the food isn't sitting around), no more junk food (again, not sitting around).  More vegetables and fruit.  Maybe even less cheese (yes, I just cried a little) ... cutting out eating out ... and of course, beer.  Ah - the good stuff.  I'm not going to go crazy and say I won't drink any, as I've really been enjoying my rotations through the new tap houses in the twin cities.  BUT, I will be more responsible.  Tasting is one thing.  Over indulging is another. 

With the addition of a ClassPass to my workout regime, the above has been totally blown out of the water.  Here's why ... and yes, this was my actual workout schedule last week:

Monday - PM Cycle 1 hour moderate, followed by 2 mile run
Tuesday - PM Total Body (teaching)
Wednesday - AM ClassPass (tabatta), PM Swim
Thursday - Noon ClassPass (yoga), PM Total Body (teaching)
Friday - Noon ClassPass (cycle)
Saturday & Sunday - out of town

Yes, you're seeing that correctly - roughly 7 hours worth of working out in 5 days.  I think I'm going to be looking like someone in this crowd pretty soon...

Anyway, obviously I'm having no problem getting back on the workout horse.  And since I had already been pretty good about using MyFitnessPal again to track calories, my eating has come back in line.  As an added bonus, ClassPass has really upped my workout mojo.


In celebration, I'm going to #breaktheinternet ... or rather, spam you with a post a blog every day recapping my ClassPass adventures.  Tune in tomorrow for the first post!

I hope that my renewed excitement in working out, and my adventures ClassPass'ing inspire you to do something too!

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