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ClassPass Review #1 - Studio TimeOut

ClassPass Review #1 - Studio TimeOut
6001 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419 
(612) 866-0832, studiotimeout.com

As you already know, last week I signed up for a ClassPass account.  You can read about that here.  Below is a recap of my first class using the "pass".


With so many studio and class format options in my ClassPass search bar, I was really struggling to select my first ClassPass ... we'll call it "event".  I kept looking at all the options, and felt all ADD, basically just wanting to try everything at once and GO, GO, GO! 

But finally, after two days of pondering my options, reality sunk in that I had to balance a work schedule and my current existing life limitations.  So, to help me focus, I decided to finally look only at options that (1) fit my work/office schedule and (2) didn't conflict with my pre-existing gym commitments of teaching, attending cycle, swimming and so on. 

Easier said than done, of course!!  Throw out Tuesday and Thursday nights for teaching, Monday nights for cycle and running, late Wednesday nights for swimming and ... yeah, I'm already really full.

After realizing my evenings were pretty much a no-go, and then himming and hawing for what felt like ages over the rest of the options (but was really only like two days of deliberation from initially registering for ClassPass),  I finally found this:

*note that I actually took the Feb 11th class


Queue singing angels.

This option was perfect!  Although you might notice that it's  a bit of a drive from where I live, this class started late enough that I could realistically drive there, work out, and then take a short jaunt to my office (where I'm fortunate enough to have shower facilities).  Score! 

So, I clicked on reserve, and I was in!


Leading up to go time, I was pretty excited for this class.  That, and a little nervous.  Hold on - don't get me wrong here!  I wasn't nervous in regards to if I could do the class, I knew that would be no problem.  I was only nervous because ClassPass has a policy that if you miss a class once you reserve, you get dinged $20, and I was praying to the Aerobic Gods that I wouldn't accidentally oversleep.

Now, before this $20 fee gets you all riled up and you say "well, screw ClassPass then", hang with me here.  To me, this makes TOTAL sense.  Why?  Because once you pay your $79 ClassPass membership fee, reserving classes is totally free.  That means it's very easy to abuse the system by reserving everything and it's mother, and then just cherry picking whatever you feel like taking when the time comes.  So, in order to ensure people only reserve what they really intend to use, and to ensure classes remain open for other students who will actually show up, ClassPass has this policy.  Makes sense, no?

Anyway, back to the story. 

Of course, with my nerves of over sleeping, my night of sleep was sub-par.  (This may have also been thanks to a restless dog who kept pacing the bedroom, and a snoring husband who woke me up at least three times in the night - blech).  Pair my lack of sleep with the fact that I just finished working out at my pre-existing gym not even 12 hours prior, and ... well, let's just say I showed up to class day of a wee bit exhausted.

Good thing the lobby was so bright and cheery!

Speaking of, the facility is beautiful inside.  It may not look like much when you drive up at 6am on a dark winter morning, and that's compounded by the fact that the studio is kind of hidden around the side of a ballroom dancing studio:

But it really is wonderful inside, as you can see from the lobby shot above.  (And yes - I regret not taking a few photos of my own, because the vibrant colors and glass domed areas on the ceiling were really pretty).


Walking in when the doors first opened was a bit intimidating, as it was quickly apparent I was the only newbie in the group.  Good, since repeat clientele means the class will be worth my time, but bad because there was no one at the front desk to show me the ropes and help me figure out what to do.  No worries - being that everyone removed their outdoor shoes and placed them on a shoe rack at the front door, I figured that meant studio policy was to do so, and I followed suit ... and then followed the trail of students into the above mentioned beautiful studio.

Once inside the studio, I noticed the students were throwing purses into a wall cubby and gathering equipment, so I again followed suit.  In a matter of a few seconds, I had a step (with a yoga mat underneath it), a figure 8 band, a flat elastic band, a rope-less jump rope, a small inflated ball, a pair of gliders (which they call purple circles), and a second yoga mat set to go. 

Phew, now that I look at that list, it was QUITE the assortment for a 45 minute class eh?

As I was pulling out equipment, the instructor immediately noticed I was new and was very welcoming.  She checked to make sure I had the equipment I needed, asked me to sign a waiver, and then wished me well for class.

As other students filtered in, I killed time by filling my water bottle via the fountain near the cubby. 

Then, it was time.


If you're looking for a class that's a gentle wake up before you work out, this is definitely not it.  As soon as the instructor saw it was time, she pumped up some heavy beat, club style music and we were off.  We only took maybe 5 minutes to do a few basic warm up moves and offer a brief hello to our neighbors (which was nice, as I'm not used to having that in a class - we also did a little group interaction at the end as well), and then we flew straight into tabatta segments.

The core of the class was what you would expect for tabatta - 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, repeat.  At the end of each set, we had an extended break, and then a new set would begin.  Activities included high and low impact moves (with modifications if needed), with a few muscle toning things thrown in.  It was a good variety, and I was pleased.  Plus, there was even a little core work towards the end.

Throughout the class, I was definitely sweating.  Sometimes I struggled a little due to being unfamiliar with a few moves.  In both instances, the instructor was great at encouraging people.  Not only did she cheer everyone on when they were fatiguing, when she saw I couldn't figure out how to do something she was right there to help. 

At the end of the class I was happily fatigued and sweaty.  Hooray!!


So, you might be wondering: after all was said and done, what did I think overall?

Well, as far as difficulty, I would rank this as a medium/high.  It wasn't like Insanity, where I felt like I was going to throw up after each set... but it was definitely harder than a basic step class. 
DIFFICULTY - medium/high

That being said, the class format was easy enough to follow and modify that really anyone could attend.  So from that standpoint, I would say it is appropriate for all levels.
SKILL - appropriate for all levels

In regards to staff and environment, I would rate this studio as high in both categories.  My only gripe is I wished they had a shower facility on site, but I worked around that.
STAFF AND ENVIROMENT SCORE - high, aside from lack of showers

And of course - the most important part: would I do it again?
WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? Already registered for the next session!!


So now, what class is next?!

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