Friday, February 6, 2015

Plus Sized Models ... Or Punching Bags?

While I'm thrilled to hear more and more often in the news these days that "plus sized" models (read - size 10/12, so basically "normal" models) are being used in ad campaigns, on the runway, and in fashion magazines ...

Well, here's the thing:

Based on that photo alone, I don't think it's a genuine attempt to include healthy body image into modern day fashion.

I mean, could they have picked any smaller of a man to couple with Ashley Graham in this image?  Seriously?!

That woman looks like an amazon in comparison to the tiny man behind her.  It's like they WANTED to emphasize how "oversized" she is.

I'm so, so disappointed in this photo shoot.  With hundreds of men in fashion and showbiz with broad shoulders, big chests and biceps the size of my thigh ... couldn't they have at least TRIED to find someone who better complemented her - instead of someone who made her look like a giant in comparison?

Does anyone else see this?  Do you feel like it's an honest effort to include healthier body types into the media? 

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