Monday, February 23, 2015

ClassPass Recap - Two+ Weeks In

By now, I'm guessing you're sick of hearing me talk about ClassPass.  Don't worry, I'll keep this post short and get back to other topics after today (although, I will try to review any other new studios I go to on occasion).

That being said - I wanted to take a moment today, before I move away from the ClassPass extravaganza that was last week's blog posts, to step back and review my thoughts on the program.  Which, aside from the random off studio that I recapped at the end of last week, has been an amazingly positive experience!!

So, in a nut shell, where am I at in this whole grand experiment?

Well, I have been using ClassPass for a little over two weeks now, and I'm really loving it.  I can say this fairly, as I am NOT being endorsed by ClassPass and didn't even do a free trial period before I jumped on the bandwagon.

In the course of two weeks, having a ClassPass membership encouraged me to try out 6 new studios (two of which I have or will have repeat visited by the time this publishes - Studio TimeOut and CycleQuest), add 8 additional workouts to my schedule, and helped me find my joy in working out again.  Which made me realize ... sometimes all you need to do to get yourself out of a rut is try something new.

The overall impact on my workout regime via ClassPass has been amazing.  I've doubled my volume, improved my outlook on why I work out, and have actually had a really great time trying all these new things. 

The beauty in ClassPass is the ease of finding studios, registering and simply knowing what classes are available at any given time of day.  I can't tell you how many times in the last two weeks I thought "meh, I have nothing going on over lunch/tomorrow AM/after work ... I wonder if there's some workout available that sounds fun to try...?" 

Plus, as an added bonus, just last week ClassPass loosened their cancellation policy to a 12 hour window (rather than 24), and changed it so that if you have to emergency cancel last second your fee is only $15 (with the $20 fee staying in place only if you don't cancel AND don't show up).  So, when I found out roughly 18 hours ahead of time that I had a last second conflict come up and couldn't make a class, I was still able to cancel without a penalty.  Sweet!

And of course, the added benefit to all of this easily accessible exercise is ...

Yeah, the scale is moving even further in the right direction these days.  Finally.

Which means, I can justify the recap that is coming to this blog on Wednesday. 

Because you can't have a beer without a food truck.


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