Monday, February 9, 2015

I'm Trying ClassPass

Dang it.


I'm ashamed to admit it.  Facebook ads finally got me.

Thanks to them, I'm now spending money on a new thing finally available in the Twin Cities Metro area - ClassPass.

Ok, ok.  Hold on.

In all fairness, despite being sucked into a Facebook marketing trap, I'm actually really thrilled this service finally exists in my area.  I've been hearing bloggers in Chicago talk about a similar service for ... forever, it seems ... and I just keep wishing they had it here too.

And now - wish granted!!


So, you may be wondering - what is ClassPass?  Well, per the website:

And what kind of classes do they offer, you ask?

And how about what studios and locations are in your area?  Well just click on the major city nearest you and take a peek:

The most exciting part about this for me is - I can finally get back into some more boutique yoga studios, and hopefully pick up some lunch hour workouts at places near my work, all the while not being forced into to paying a membership (or top dollar drop in fee) at each place. 

Not to mention, it will help me focus on my current goal of trying to get my weight back in check, and may even give me some new ideas for classes at my gym as well ...


In the next few weeks, as I try out new studios, I'll be sure to let you know what I think.

Stay tuned!!

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