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Three Things - October

A long while ago, I did a series of posts focused on talking about me on a more personal level.  If you want to read them some time, here's the list:

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I realized in trying to come up with a post for today that it's been awhile since I've done a me focused post that is not health and fitness related.  So... here goes!

Three Things (randomly selected today from my stream of consciousness) - October

(1) My Husband

In trying to come up with three things to talk about today, I though about the fact that I haven't really talked much about my husband on this blog.  Some of that is intentional, since he's a little anti-social media, and is also a pretty private guy.  Some of that is unintentional, simply because I have too much to say about other things.

Although, to be fair, you HAVE seen him in a few posts - like the Bike/Paddle/Swim race report, the first BE-liebster post, and also randomly hidden in photos here and there in my posts where I may not necessarily call him out.

I guess my husband isn't a TOTAL stranger to you, then.  Heh.


My husband and I met a long, long time ago in a place far, far away.  AKA Madison, WI while we were going to college.  It turns out that a girl from St. Paul, MN and a boy Bloomington, MN (roughly 20 miles apart) have to travel to Madison, WI (roughly 250 miles away) in order to meet.

We started dating our freshman year of college, and just stuck together after that.  I guess when it works, it works - right? 

After college, we got engaged and eventually got married (in our early 20's, scandalously young per several people I spoke with at the time):

Now we're coming up on 10 years of marriage next spring.  Thinking of that commitment on another level, he and I joke sometimes that we've known each other for over half as long as we've been alive.  Which is almost true if you consider I'm only a few years off being 36, and we met at 18.

My husband's degree is in IT, and he also has his MBA.  Currently he works in business development for custom data warehousing programs.  Essentially, he's a computer guy with people skills.  Unlike some people out there:

A lot of people ask me if my husband is as active as I am (AKA crazy), and if he races with me.  While he does enjoy biking and being active, my short answer to that question is no.  My long answer to that is:

One time we ran a 5K together ... it was the first year I started running.  Knowing that a 5K was a fair amount of work, I had asked my husband if he wanted to train with me the month prior to the race, to which he replied the typical non-runner response: "It'll be fiiiinnneee.  I used to run track in Highschool.  I can do it." 

The race itself was fairly uneventful, but the ending is key.  Some time after we finished, I asked him if he had fun and if he wanted to do it again. 

His response? 

"That was a lot of work.  I don't think I want to do it again."

(2) My Job

When people ask me what I do for work, I kind of cringe.  If you've never worked in a sales based industry (IE products), my career seems kind of foreign.

With my Chinese Language degree, my hope was to get into some sort of international business position - which I did straight out of college, and never looked back.  The bulk of my experience until 2010 was in technical product design/development, sourcing, costing and price negotiation.  And it was largely (duh) focused on importing from China.  Long story short, I used to work as a Product Manager. 

I'm guessing the product development portion of my career doesn't surprise you, given the wacky costumes I dream up. 

And as a funny side note to being a Product Manager, I never in a million years would have guessed that I would have to know SO MUCH about artificial Christmas Trees for my career.  HA!

In the last few years, however, I did a lot of exploration in regards to what I WANT to do in life, and I realized working 60+ hours a week for a (slightly) bigger paycheck really wasn't worth it.  Almost three years ago, I took a small step back (more lateral than backwards, but whatever), and I am now employed as a buyer. 

I currently work for a mid sized company that makes what I describe as industrial lighting and complementary accessories - think florescent light fixtures for warehouses or large commercial barns, and the wiring, etc that goes along with that.  My company does the majority of the assembly for these products in house, so I simply monitor our inventory levels and based on previous sales trends, purchase inventory to ensure we don't end up with an out of stock that prevents assembly.

(3)  What I'm Up to for Fun Lately

Besides being active, I have a handful of hobbies that I rotate through to keep me entertained, as my mood suits me.  Like I've mentioned in the past, I'm pretty crafty, and I mostly like to do things like knit, cross stitch, sew, etc.

During the summer, since it's so nice out, all of those little hobbies seem to fall out of favor.  Obviously ... who's going to sit indoors and craft when it's 80 degrees out and perfectly sunny?!

Now that it's starting to cool down again though, I'm sure I'll want to get back into something.  I just haven't decided what yet. 

I have been thinking about doing some sort of silly cross stitch:

I also have a vest I've been working on from over a year ago which I should really pick up an finish.  Maybe I will.  It looks something like this from the back, without the sleeves:

I've also been reading more lately.  Nothing intelligent or educational... so I'm not going to admit what here.  But it's entertaining none the less.

Wow.  I just realized the above is a whole lot of words that basically amounts to nothing.  I have been doing nothing with my free time aside from running around outside in wacky costumes.  Whoops.  Seems like I have some character development to work on there.

And that's about it for today.  Random tidbits about me, as they fell out of my head.

Which leave the floor open to you.  If you have a question you'd like me to answer in a future Three Things post, let me know!

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