Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm A BE-Liebster #3

Awhile back, I was asked to do some more Q&A type posts ...

Since I tend to get a little long winded (no - really?!), I decided to chop up some "typical" Q&A posts into multi part segments to make them a little more digestible.  

Today, I'm continuing with the Leibster Award Q&A format (see part one of this conversation here, and part two here).  Below are questions 9-11 from that.



9) If you have some spare time, what do you do?

Oh - so many things. 

First, of course, catch up on my mileage.  Run or bike.  Or maybe swim (but that's more likely to be measured in meters, not miles).

Second, as I mentioned in the previous Liebster post, travel.

Third, I'm pretty crafty.  Cross stitch and knitting are at the top of the list, but I enjoy other things too - sewing, general crafting, etc.

Huh.  I couldn't' find any knitting photos on my Facebook.  Fail!  :-(

I guess I could lump canning into this "crafty" category, too.  I like to grow my own tomatoes and can them every fall.

Fourth, I do enjoy to read.  But that's usually for my down time.  Which means light stuff.  I don't like to read anything too intense.  (Yes, I'll admit the Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse series are previous reads).

Fifth, but not too much of this... I'll watch TV.  My favorite shows are Modern Family, Shark Tank and True Blood.  We have the DVR set up at home to record everything, and then on a Saturday night when it's dark and there's nothing good on, we'll watch shows and fast forward through commercials.  Heaven.

Oh, and I suppose it's obvious, I do this blog.  DUH!

10) Do you prefer a home-cooked meal, or to go out to a restaurant?

I am happy to say that my husband is an AWESOME cook.  We actually both enjoy cooking, but he is home before I am every day, so he does 70-80% of the work in that area (while I do grocery shopping ahead of time and clean up after). 

That being said, we truly prefer to eat at home when we want a really good or special meal.  No one can ever make it exactly the way you like it like you can.  Not to mention, much healthier, too.  And, it's so much more fun to be home for special events like Valentines Day, anniversaries and birthdays ... or similar.

The one time I really do love a restaurant, though, is on a bad/busy day or on a weekend when I just want to be lazy.  That is the one really nice thing about eating out - no clean up.

11) Are you a planner? Or are you spontaneous?

A planner, for sure.  100%.  No discussion.

That's not to say that if something spontaneous comes up, I won't do it.  But I want to make sure I can get in all the races, traveling, cabin time and personal time I can.  Which means maximizing my schedule to make it all fit.  And all those things falling together in harmony doesn't just happen - you have to plan that sh!t in advance.


And that wraps up the Liebster Q&A!

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