Friday, August 1, 2014

I'm A BE-Liebster #1

Awhile back, I was asked to do some more Q&A type posts ...

Since I tend to get a little long winded (no - really?!), I decided to chop up some "typical" Q&A posts into multi part segments to make them a little more digestible.  In the next few weeks, I'll randomly be incorporating some of those questions into a post. 

Today, I'm continuing with the below.  This time I've taken the Liebster Award Q&A format.  Below are questions 1-5 from that (I'm including a few bonus questions since the first few were pretty obvious).



1) Why did you start this blog?

I answered this in a previous post.  To avoid repeating myself, I'll direct you there.

2) What makes you smile?

OMG, anything ridiculously silly - which is why I enjoy dressing up so much for my workouts.  Some examples of non-workout funnies from my Facebook feed:

The time someone flipped my peace sign over on my Jetta...
and when I inquired about it on Facebook, one of my friends blamed: "SATAN!!!!!"

The Valentine I sent everyone this year.

The gingerbread house I made with my friend & her family Christmas 2012.
If you look closely, you'll see a Blackhawk helicopter crashed in the backyard,
and a pit bull is gnawing on Mr. Bill's head in the front.

The hat I considered buying to wear last 4th of July.

The massively huge packaging MAC uses to mail me one eye shadow.

The bike helmet of the gods.

My husband, "shopping" for ammo at Fleet Farm, in business attire.

My beagle, dressed as a pirate.

My niece, a little "squished" by her air show noise protection.

A glow in the dark yellow poop.  For a Halloween giveaway.
Seriously, how is this poop?  And if your poop ever looks like that, go see a doctor!

The cheesy hash browns my aunt made for Christmas,
with a bacon and sausage manger.

Me, looking SUPER sexy in snorkel gear.

3) What is one of your talents?

Hmmm... well, I guess I can tie two together.  I think the reason why I'm so good at teaching group fitness is because I can "hear" music.  By that, I mean hear the beats and measures, and pick up queuing to naturally manage transitions in movement. 

What do I mean by that?  Well, you know that awkward feeling you get in a group fitness class when you transition from one move to another move and it just feels wrong? 

Yeah, kind of like that.

It's usually because the instructor missed the beat and your body's rhythm was off during the move.

Most times I can avoid that and keep everyone on beat.

That's because I started taking piano lessons when I was in second grade and learned musical measurement.  I eventually stopped my lessons around 8th grade - the time commitment was too great for me as a preteen and I didn't enjoy it that much.  But I still occasionally sit down and play the hand-me-down piano we have in our living room (despite it desperately needing a tuning).

4) Who is a hero in your life?

My grandma.  She's 97 years old now and still manages to spend a significant amount of time each week doing her favorite thing - going to the Goodwill that sells clothing by the pound.  She picks out winter wear (jackets, gloves, etc.), purchases them, brings them home to launder/repair them, and then donates them to her church - which owns a trailer full of goods that they deliver to the homeless on a regular basis. 

This is her.  You can see how awesome she is.

Ok, to be fair, this is her son's motorcycle and jacket.  But it was her idea to pose with it in front of her house and pretend to be a badass.

I try to be as awesome as her, but I pale in comparison.

If I make it to 97, I hope I can keep up with what she's doing now.

5) What is a great memory from your past?

Running my first half marathon really stands out in my head.  It was the first time I did something that was truly physically hard, something I deep down honestly thought I could NEVER do.  But I did it, and I survived.  Even if I did cry a little at the finish.

Just don't tell my husband our wedding wasn't my go to answer for this one.  Although, it is a close second.  ;-)


Questions 6-8 to come!

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