Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ClassPass Update


Well ... it's been awhile since I've talked about ClassPass.  Lest you think I cancelled my membership, which I did not, I thought I better update you what's happenin' in that arena...


First of all, if you recall, I went to 6 different ClassPass studios prior to my Euro trip:

The Good - all of which I've continued to attend
     Good & Twisted Yoga, Chaska
     CycleQuest Studio, Eden Prairie
     Studio TimeOut, Minneapolis

The Bad - not really "bad", so much as I haven't made an effort to go back
     Kula Yoga, Edina

The Ugly - ok, these are the really bad ones, and yeah ... I'd never go back
     The Shed, Minneapolis
     3X3 Fit!, Hopkins

In regards to tracking the above list, I'd like to mention one of ClassPass's functionalities - the "heart" feature.  Essentially, "hearting" a studio while logged into ClassPass bookmarks that studio for you.  By simply clicking on the little heart next to a studio name (see yellow arrow below), you've marked it as something you like, and it automatically falls into your "favorites" list on your main account page:


I think this feature is really cool, since it makes it waaaayyyy easier to remember which studios I liked for future class bookings, and it also allows me to flag new studios I want to try (so I remember to look into classes there the next time I'm free). 


Speaking of ClassPass functionalities, before I go on, let's talk about the "friending" feature.  Since I'm doing ClassPass with the Man to my Robot (Dawn), I've found the friending feature on ClassPass really convenient ... although it did take a few times of trial an error to figure out.

By unchecking the "keep my profile private" box (yellow arrow below), and sharing the link provided next to that box, my friend Dawn and I were able to friend each other and connect our accounts. 

Linking has been REALLY cool, since we can see each other's workout schedules and they include  clickable links.  That means if I sign up for something and bully Dawn into joining me invite Dawn along, she can just go to my profile, search for that same class, and then add it to her schedule as well (assuming there are still open slots).


In addition to the above features, you may have noticed some stats on my side bar:

As you can see, I've completed 14 classes in total on ClassPass, which bleeds into where I really wanted to take this conversation ... which is ... is ClassPass worth maintaining after a month or two worth of trying out?

Warning - soap box.  There's a dig in this, at least for me: I forgot to pause my membership when everything blew up and I got whirled winded into planning my surprise Euro trip and then leaving the country, so I feel like I cheated myself out of some workout dollars.  I say this because you can put your account on hold for $15 when you aren't able to attend classes for whatever reason ... which is better than paying $79/month when you're out of commission, or cancelling your account and then paying a reactivation fee.  Anyway, if you subtract out the two classes I've taken in my current month, I only managed to squeeze in 12 classes for my first 2 months of ClassPass membership.  This is a dig to me because I was averaging 4 classes a week prior to the Euro whirlwind (which works out to be 12 classes / month). 

But ok, ok - in reality, 4 classes a week may actually be pretty aggressive for the average Joe.  So maybe 12 classes in a 2 month window is technically more realistic from a cost analysis perspective anyway. 

For argument's sake, let's take the 12 classes in 2 month scenario and put some math to it:

     $79 per month membership fee x 2 months = $158
     12 classes / $158 = $13 per class

At $13 a class, ClassPass might seem a little steep.  Yeah, I know classes at a boutique studio typically run $15-20 for drop in, but I say $13/class is steep because I think many people would say that $10+ for one workout is a little on the high side.

But $13 price tag aside, I have really enjoyed going to a few of these studios, especially CycleQuest (since it is something I can do over my lunch hour at work) and Good & Twisted (since it is practically right in my backyard).  And when I look at the class packages they offer, I would still be paying $10-15 per class anyway (since I'm not willing to purchase a super huge class pack and sink several hundred dollars into workouts at one time).

Taking that into consideration, as long as I go to both CycleQuest and Good & Twisted 3 times each per month via ClassPass, anything else I add on after that is essentially free.

So ... following that logic, I may end up keeping ClassPass for longer than I anticipated.  Especially because, as I mentioned in my 2 week touch base, I really enjoy the concept of ClassPass and the idea that a network of classes are available to me metro wide, with everything consolidated down into one master schedule.  Not only does it allow me to workout anywhere on a whim, it keeps things new and interesting.

Plus, I can't wait to try out a few new studios this month - just wait to see what I have up my sleeve!!


  1. I never knew about the "friend" feature in ClassPass! That is really cool and super convenient! That is a bummer about not putting your membership on hold while you were on vacation. I wasn't thrilled to hear about the "hold" fee or the "reactivation" fee that they charge, either. It's definitely one of the minuses of the ClassPass membership, sigh.

    1. You know, it's funny you say you didn't know about the friend feature. I do have to say that ClassPass' website isn't exactly intuitive, and sometimes I find it challenging to use ... at least until I figured out on my own how to make it work. They should really spend some time on their Facebook page highlighting features and teaching you how to use the site.

      And I'm glad you said something about the fees bothering you. The reactivation fee / hold fee is bothering me, too. I know that there is some administration behind adding and subtracting members, but I am finding ... well, really ALL the hidden fees of ClassPass to be a bit obnoxious. IE - if I register for a class and I don't cancel before the 12 hour mark pre class, I get dinged $10. If I don't show up for a class I get dinged $15. I understand not wanting to clog up the system with reservations people don't intend to keep, but you think they could build 1-2 of those into your membership each month ... we all get sick or injured on occasion, that's reality. We shouldn't get charged for that (within reason).

      Even though dollar wise staying on ClassPass makes sense in the above, I'm still teetering on if I'll say in it next month. Even more so now that the nice weather is coming and I want to get outside to work out. Giving up what little summer Minnesota has to maximize my ClassPass seems silly, and paying $15/month for the entire summer to put it on hold seems even sillier!!

      What are you going to do? Stay with it? I suppose in Chicago it's a little easier, being that the metro area is more concentrated with studios. When you think about Minneapolis and the studios scattered to the outer suburbs, the distance adds another layer of challenge to my membership decision...