Friday, April 17, 2015

Current Workouts & Keeping the Mojo

With ClassPass still in my regime, and having got back on the workout horse after my trip to Europe, the last couple of weeks working out for me have been a little busy:

March 30th - April 5th
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Teach TBC
Wednesday - Swim
Thursday - Teach TBC
Friday - Hot Yoga AM, Cycle Lunch
Saturday - Hot Yoga
Sunday - Rest

April 6th - 12th
Monday - Cycle
Tuesday - Hot Yoga AM, Teach TBC PM
Wednesday - Swim
Thursday - Teach TBC
Friday & Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Three hour basement cleaning project (blech!)

April 13th - 19th ... in progress!!  :-)

Despite the full schedule, it feels good to be getting back into the swing of things.  Plus, I have a sense of real accomplishment, since the only activity I have left to work back into my routine is a more regular running plan ... Oh, I suppose I need to start on that if I'm going to relay a half marathon with a friend the first weekend in May?!  Whoops - good thing I only have the 5 something mile leg.

Anyway, with summer just around the corner, I know my cardio volume will just continue to increase, so I'm no longer worried about keeping my workout mojo up ... at least for myself.  But I HAVE been worrying a bit about my TBC students', as it seems every year without fail summer hits and everyone is all "oh, happy hour on the patio..." or "oh, boat ride on the lake", etc., etc., etc.

Last year, to combat that summer slide, I started a program I called "TBC Summer Push".  And actually, it all sprung from a happy accident: I was given a coffee shop gift card that was supposed to be for $20, but ended up having $50 on it. 

With the bonus $30, I got an idea and "TBC Summer Push" was born. 

I told the TBC class: the person with the best attendance all summer would get a coffee shop gift card.  Oh!  With a chance for extra credit, of course - get one spare point for each time you bring a new friend to class.

Wouldn't you know it ... funny things happen when you give people an incentive.  Suddenly, instead of the standard summer slide, I was starting to see a summer influx!  By the end of Summer, my average class size had increased from 4-6+ people to 8-12+ on any given night.

It's true!  My classes blew up!

And of course, once people got in the habit of working out over the summer, keeping with me through fall and winter was a no brainer.  Plus, when I offered a special Saturday class for the month of January, my numbers ballooned even more, to as many as 20 people in one class.  Whoa!

Since I had such success last year, I had been thinking a few weeks back that I should try to do a similar program again this summer.  Just as I was stewing over what to do, a few of my regular students started inquiring what their motivation would be this summer ... since the first few warm and sunny days just hit.

I told them I was working on it, but it I was definitely saying "oh crap" in the back of my head.  I mean, how do you repeat a success like that for a second year in a row?

Finally though, last week, I had a "oh duh" moment.  I mean, seriously, DUH!  I am an InkNBurn ambassador...

Yep.  So that's the deal.  Workout with me, get a shot at a super sweet T from InkNBurn.

Ready to sweat?!


  1. Woo hoo! You hit the nail on the head - I am definitely one of those folks that LOVES incentives and rewards for showing up. =) Even if it's just something small like a $5 gift card, it makes a big difference for my motivation!

    1. Too bad you don't live closer so I could motivate you to work out! ;-)