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ClassPass Review #5 - 3X3 Fit!

ClassPass Review #5 - 3X3 Fit!
4330 Shady Oak Road, Hopkins, MN 55343
(612) 396-6460,

As you already know, early February I signed up for a ClassPass account.  You can read about that here.  Below is a recap of the 5th studio I tried out using the "pass".  If you'd like to read other studio recaps, use the search bar above and the search term: ClassPass.


After having done so much cardio over the course of the first two weeks on ClassPass, and having the newly self imposed rule of one yoga class a week now, in the days leading up to my 3X3 Fit visit I found myself searching for some sort of stretch option on ClassPass again.  While I liked Kula Yoga, I was feeling too fatigued for a full on vinyasa class, and was hoping for something different.

I had my eye on 3X3 Fit when I first registered for ClassPass, since it is so close to my office, so I thought - well ... what do they have?  Sure enough, they had something called "stretch", and it was well timed over my lunch hour (especially since the class was only 40 minutes long).  While the class description was somewhat lacking and I wasn't sure exactly what I'd get, I figured it would be good enough and gave it a shot.



 *I think this has a mistake, I do not recall seeing showers.



Although this is totally out of the studio's control ... I don't know if you have happened to go through the Hopkins area lately, or more specifically if you have driven down Shady Oak near Excelsior in the last year, but let me tell you - it is a hot mess.  I don't know what the city/state is trying to do to that road, but it is ripped up all over the place. 

As such, I ended up having a little trouble trying to figure out how to get to this studio.  After a few wrong turns, I finally figured it out, but found myself running a bit later than I would have liked in my goal to get to class 15 minutes early.  (Note: 3X3 Fit is not in the same strip mall as the Dunn Brothers and the ski shop - make sure you go down one strip mall further to where the dog rescue, vet and pizza place are, and park in the lot just off the pizza place). 


Ok, so - the studio it isn't the most ... attractive area right now, especially given the road construction, but once inside the studio it is quite nice.  The space is small but clean and simply decorated, and there is a space towards the back where the owner offers various items for sale.


Despite feeling a bit rushed since I was late due to the road construction confusion (and I was feeling rushed on my own accord, no one else pressuring me), the owner of 3X3 Fit was very warm and welcoming to me when I arrived.  She made it a point to thank me for coming, was very enthusiastic that I was her first ClassPass customer, and spent quite a bit of time trying to talk me through what would happen in class.  She was also genuinely interested in ensuring I had a good experience, and said that if I would be comfortable filling out a comment form, she really wanted to know what kind of constructive criticisms I had to offer so that she could improve for the future.

However, one thing happened that took me very aback when I was getting the low-down ... she told me that they were a "Christian Studio" and that they started all their classes with a prayer and set a religious intent for the class.

Well... hm. 

Without going into too much detail on my own personal religious thoughts (although I did briefly touch on them here), I certainly wasn't expecting ... this ... when coming to a fitness class.  And I really don't think something like this should have happened.  If you are going to run a studio that is so openly religious, you should really call that out on your ClassPass description and on your website.  Because quite honestly, had I known that to be the case, I very likely would have skipped this studio.  While I have no problem with anyone's religion, and fully endorse an individual's right to religious freedoms, public expressions of religion just aren't my thing.


Minor set back aside, and it really was minor as you'll see in a bit, everything else about my first interactions at the studio were great.  Friendly students, everyone introducing themselves, equipment readily available and in good working order ... in a rush, I tucked into the rest room (that I did not see a shower in), changed into some yoga pants, and was good to go.


So, now comes class.  Which opened with perhaps a 3 minute long Christian prayer offered by the studio owner.  Although it felt awkward and out of place to me, I respectfully bowed my head. 

And that was it. 

The religious portion was over and I never heard another peep about it.  (I should note that many students were wearing apparel or jewelry with crosses on it, a few of the songs played during class were a bit religious sounding, and that there were some religious art pieces hanging on the studio wall - but none of it had a "pound you over the head with Jesus" feeling).

Right away after the prayer, we set to work.

Class was broken into 3 segments - mat work, bar work and ball work.  Some of the transitions were a little rough and rushed due to the 40 minute class restriction, but experienced students were very helpful in assisting the instructor with equipment set up and distribution and that helped the class flow better. 

Overall, I found the class easy to follow, and none of the moves were so complex that a person with no fitness background would be lost on their first day.  The entire class was stretching, with a few balance moves, so I never found myself breaking a sweat.  It was exactly what my tight and fatigued muscles needed.

When class was done, I shared a few more exchanges with the owner, and then was on my way.


So, you might be wondering: after all was said and done, what did I think?

Well, as far as difficulty, I would rank this low.  It's a stretch class, so it should be easy.  No surprises here. 

As I said above, the class was easy to follow and none of the moves were overly complex or hard to catch right away.
SKILL - appropriate for all levels

In regards to staff and environment, I would rate this studio as medium.  While the owner was friendly and the studio was nice, I was a little put off by the religious overtones, and really think that the religious nature of the studio needs to be published on her website and ClassPass description so it doesn't catch unsuspecting students off guard.  As it stands right now, it is NOT apparent on any of her marketing information that she is so openly religious at the studio and leads each class with a Christian prayer.

And of course - the most important part: would I do it again?
WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? Simply due to the religious aspect, which made me uncomfortable, I would choose not to attend again.  I want to stress that this has nothing to do with class format, and is simply a personal preference.


So now, what class is next?!

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  1. Wow. That is really awkward for them to have such a religious overtone but not publish that on their website or class description. I would have been uncomfortable, too! I wonder if they purposely left that detail out for fear that it might turn people away, and that they are hoping if you show up you'll just be drawn in!?!?!?