Monday, March 16, 2015

Product Review: InkNBurn Run Or Die Gear

It's no secret that I'm an InkNBurn junky (and now also an official ambassador of their brand).

And ... my love of them makes sense, right?  Just look at the collection I have from them and you'll see why I like them so much:


Yeah, it's true - I have an addiction.  No doubt about it.  But to be fair, there's a reason behind the addiction.  And it's not just because the design is great and looks amazing on. 

But more on that in a bit, because a few weeks ago I ordered this:

Yeah.  That's part of their new 2015 collection - RUN OR DIE!  Isn't it amazing?!

Fun fact, if you look really close you can see the words hidden in the art:

Ok, to be fair, I was kind of guessing
on the RUN and OR, but I think I see it.

Anyway, on to the meat of this entry - which means, product review time!!


It seems like ages ago that I reviewed the first "set" of stuff I got from InkNBurn.  Just out of curiosity, before I started writing this review, I went back there to see what I said.  When I read it through, I thought ... my opinion hasn't changed at all since I wrote that review close to 2 years ago, so why reinvent the wheel?!  I already said it once, why not just repeat that with some modifications here?!

Here goes!

I don't have a single complaint... well, except for maybe that I can't tell you how AWESOME the InkNBurn stuff is!  Honestly, it really is great. 

The shirts - I now own many of their shirts and I love them.  A lot.  I might even go so far as to say I'll end up transitioning my entire workout collection over to their shirts some day. 
(True story, this is happening).

The pants - Well I love them, too, but I wonder if I should have stayed with the same size as the skirt I have.  I find that the capris are a little loose around the knees.  However, it's probably a good thing I got the size I did, because I do notice when I do deep squats and what not that the fabric stretches from black to gray/white.  I take that to mean I'm putting the fabric to it's outer limits.  So the extra wiggle room is more than likely a good thing.  (I'll amend this and say that the new capris I got don't have this issue, and I definitely prefer the extra wiggle room since I bend in a million different directions when I teach.  I'm not sorry I sized up.)

So, ok, the above is a lot of words.  And I could keep going on and on about quality.  But who really cares if I keep spouting, right?  I know by now you're saying ... just gimmie more photos!!

OK, wish granted!


And I just have to say - the pants, those stripes really make them versatile.  Check out how they pair with my InkNBurn wave t:

Not to mention, they totally look like denim jeans, so everyone was pinching my butt at the gym to give them a feel.  (Ssssh, don't tell my husband ... just kidding).


All in all, what do I say?

Well, I am an extremely finicky consumer.  It's very rare that the brand I like today I continue to like a year or two later, since many companies seem to tweak their designs, fits and qualities in the effort to make better profits on their end. 

I think it says A LOT that I'm still loving InkNBurn after wearing their stuff for ... 4 years maybe?

And to prove how much I love them, I just bought another set from them last week:

Yep.  There's a whole lotta lace in my future!!

And don't fret - if the lace doesn't appeal to you, they've got another new fancy option as well:

As my uncle would say: Studly!


Visit InkNBurn here.
Sign up for an account on their website to see special featured lines like Run or Die here.

If you order, tell them ... Cheetah Natalie sent ya!


  1. As I've said before, you are the PERFECT ambassador for InkNBurn. They could not have found a better representative for their style than you! Love the design options - they are so creative!!!

    1. Thanks!!

      BTW, have you seen their site lately? They've added a couple of dragon tops that would be great for a Chinatown run if you're doing it again this year...