Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Help a Runna Out

Just a quick one today...

As most of you know, I often find myself running my shorter weekday runs at the local community center track.  Call me crazy, since it's a 10 loop to the mile, short track.  But, it works for me.

Truth alert: I think I like it because mentally I know it will be "easier" running an air conditioned flat track.  Whatever, I'm lazy efficient.

Anyhow, the last two weeks I've been seeing this guy that just makes me burst at the seams with pride.  Whenever he's on the track with me, I feel this need to cheer him on. 

Of course, I don't.  That would be weird.

But he just reminds me of ... me, 4 years ago.  Overweight but trying to do something about it.  And he's running... with all of his spirit put into it. 

Well, spirit, aaaannnddd super uncomfortably hot looking sweatshirt, and a pair of Adidas that are likely straight out of the 70s and totally worn out.

I am lead to believe, based on my limited interactions with him, that he is not fluent in English and not in a position to spend money on good running shoes. And I so badly want to just walk up to him one day with a gift certificate to a running store so he can buy himself a pair. 

But again, I don't.  Because that would be weird.

Instead, I just keep mentally wishing him the best... let's hope that's enough to encourage him to stick with it.  Because every time I see him hit the track again, it inspires me too.

So... tell me - what are you doing to encourage healthy habits in the people who surround you?

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