Friday, September 13, 2013

Deep Thoughts While Running #1

I've been having a lot of odd thoughts while running lately.  Well, always, actually.  So, today I've decided to start a tradition and document the thoughts I have. 

In the future, whenever I have a deep thought while running that I deem worthy, I'll share it here.

With that being said, here is my official first post!

Deep Thoughts While Running, #1:

What would happen if someone competed in a duathlon or triathlon on a unicycle?

I mean, aside from if race organizers would even allow it, what would it look like?

Would it be just some normal schmoe?

Or would the person go ballz out and wear a costume?  (I personally hope so).

Would it be some super speedster nerd who souped up their bike?

So many questions about how the event would unwind!  So many things to consider!  So many chances that this may have happened somewhere, and I need to find the documentation about it!!

And after you start thinking about how the technicalities of a race would work out, then the mind wanders even more, and all sorts of other unicycle possibilities start to blow your mind, too.

Unicycle commuting (how wrinkled would your suit get?):

Recumbent unicycling (would it be easier on those with joint problems?):

Tandem unicycling (I bet Ace & Gary would enjoy this concept):

Monster Unicycling (are those 22s???):

Unicycling the dog (how would one poop scoop?):

And then, when you REALLY start to overthink it, other non traditional options for bikes in race events start to surface...

I think my brain is broken.  I'm thinking about some really stupid stuff.  Anyone know a good repair shop?

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