Monday, November 18, 2013

The 2014 Anti-Resoution Resolution

In my 80's night TBC class last week, I proposed an Anti-Resolution Resolution for 2014.

I'm sure you just went...

Yes.  WTF did you just read?  What do I mean by Anti-Resolution Resolution?

Well - every year, Halloween becomes the national jumping off point for the binge eating season we call the holidays.  And then, every year, people create new years resolutions to make up for the previous two months of excess (which, of course, usually fizzles out just a few weeks into 2014 and becomes an utter waste of resolution, anyway).

So, yes.  I'm not afraid to say it.  I hate the new year resolution.  100%.

Why?  Because of this:

When I decided to make a change in my life, I just did it.  I didn't wait for a new year resolution to do it. 

And neither should you.

Therefore, my challenge to you today is this: make your anti-resolution RIGHT NOW.  And start on it now, too. 

Your goal can be anything.  If you're messy or disorganized - work to clean it up!  If you're always tired - shoot for an earlier bedtime each night!  Feeling dry/dehydrated - then aim to drink more water! 

Honestly, anything you want to change about yourself ... just do it!  Pick one thing and take that first small step.  See if you can make that small step into a permanent life change. 

My point is... I want to see you start your positive change now - don't wait for a new year to resolve for better habits.

Besides - how amazing will it be come end of December, when everyone else is trying to name their resolutions, that you can say "well, I started mine in November and I'm pretty much set, so... good luck with yours"?  SO AMAZING?!  Ah, yeeeaaahhh!!

So - what is my anti-resolution?

Well, I'm aiming to build upper body and cardio strength for my TBC students.  Over the next six weeks, we will slowly build our endurance on three specific exercises - pushups, squat jumps, and burpees. 

Each week, we will do 4 or 5 sets of exercises in addition to our normal class format.  (IE 10 pushups, 20 seconds of squat jumps, 8 burpess, repeated through out class 4 times).  The final goal is to complete 100 pushups in one class ... and to make it happen before Christmas/New Years closes down my Tuesday night classes for 2013.

The schedule looks like this:

Week/Date Pushups       Squat Jumps (secs) Burpees      
1 12-Nov 10 x4 = 40 20 x4 = 80 8 x4 = 32
2 19-Nov 12 x4 = 48 30 x4 = 120 10 x4 = 40
3 26-Nov 14 x4 = 56 40 x4 = 160 12 x4 = 48
4 3-Dec 16 x5 = 80 40 x5 = 200 12 x5 = 60
5 10-Dec 18 x5 = 90 50 x5 = 250 14 x5 = 70
6 17-Dec 20 x5 = 100 60 x5 = 300 16 x5 = 80

Welp, that's about it.

So - now that you know my goal ... tell me about yours!  Come on... there's lots of space below!  Go!

Oh!  One last thing before I go... don't forget about my giveaway this week.  This is your big chance you know! 

(And even though I didn't say it - feel free to join me in the challenge above and let me know how it's going for you.)


  1. Couldn't agree with you more on anti-resolutions!!! I am trying to accomplish the Runners World run streak between now and New Year's, as well as do daily planks and squats. Sometime afterwards I want to work on my push-ups. I could use a lot of work on my upper-body strength!