Friday, November 15, 2013

(Almost) 90th Post / Pre-Black Friday Giveaway! Closes 11.22.2013

Good lord!  I'm almost to my 90th post to this blog. 

First question - how did this happen?

Second question - why are you still here reading?  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you are!  I guess that means I must be doing something right?!

Since I haven't done anything to celebrate lately, and I'm not in the mood for a night of binge drinking and crazy dancing, let's do another headband giveaway!


In conjunction with my sister's Etsy business, BellasBoutiqueMN, for the next week I am offering you a chance at winning a free prize!

What's the prize, you ask?

Well, only my favorite workout accessory in the world, of course!!  A super awesome wicking headband!

For those of you who don't remember my last giveaway, let's revisit the pictures of me, rockin' the bands...

Yes, it's true.  I really do wear these.  All.  The.  Time.

Here's the scoop:

Two lucky people will get to choose any color headband shown here.  Winners will be randomly selected on 11/23/2013, and their names posted on my blog the following Monday.  Yes, that's right.  In an effort to thwart all the mass retailers having Thanksgiving Day sales (thus pushing up Black Friday to be Bummer Thursday), I'm going to do something the Friday BEFORE Black Friday.  Take that, mass market merchants!  *sticks out tongue*

How to enter:

Option 1 - Share my blog post via my daily Facebook link.  You must share it from my original post, or I won't be able to see the "share".  You will be able to see that link ONLY if we are friends on Facebook, sorry.

Option 2 - Subscribe to my blog. Need help on this?  There's a subscribe link on the upper right column of my blog for easy access, or you can go to to set up an account and add me manually from there.

Option 3 - Help me spread the news of my giveaway by linking to it on your personal blog/facebook/twitter/other site.  Just be sure you also link to your post in the notes below to earn this point.

If you do any or all above, you get a point for each activity.  Why not go for the gold and do all three?  Come on!

How to redeem your prize:

This is the most important part.  If your name is posted as a "winner" (I mean, yes, we're all winners at heart... but that doesn't guarantee you a prize), you must contact me ASAP with your shipping address and color choice.  I will then arrange the headbands deliver to you directly.  Winners must contact me by 11/29/2013 or prize will be forfeited.

And please don't forget to support the little guys by purchasing handmade goods, ok?  Especially with the holiday season just around the corner... I bet you've got a teacher, coworker or friend that would love a BellasBoutiqueMN headband as a gift!

 Well, that's it.  Good luck!


  1. I already subscribe to your blog! I will do some sharing later when time permits. =)

  2. Awesome tights!! Always love finding something outside the box when it comes to my tech gear.

  3. Shared on twitter ( Thanks for the giveaway chance!!