Friday, May 24, 2013

Hell-oooo Headbands

I realized on my workout fashion post awhile back that I forgot to mention one very important workout accessory everyone needs... a good headband!

Yes, even you dudes!  Join the party.

(Note: if you want to read an awesome blog about someone who ran the Boston Marathon, click on the above photo.)

Anyway, I've become a HUGE fan of spandex headbands like this:

Basic Brown Stretch Non Slip Headband Multi-Colored Sparkly Stretch Headband Pink and Purple Zebra Print Stretch Headband

The best part about these is... well, really, two things. 

(1) They wick the sweat from your forehead down around the back side of your head - meaning, no sweat in your eyes. 

(2) If you line them up so they just graze your hairline/forehead, they perfectly hug your head and don't slip! 

I've worn these things through super intense cardio/plyometric sessions, running half marathons, bike commuting, and even to a duathalon.  Not a single slip.

And when you're done, just hand wash in the sink and drip dry.  Even better, they dry quick - wash before bed and they'll be ready to wear again in the morning!

I've got an assortment of these from various sellers, as well as a few I've made myself.  But just for a quick link ... since I know you're going to DIE if you don't buy one now... here's a great seller from MN:

Happy shopping, and enjoy your Memorial Weekend!

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