Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All My Races ... Ever

After running the Webster Education 5K the other weekend, as I was lounging around at the cabin in my spiffy race T, my father in law started to chuckle at what my collection of shirts must be.  Since he recently downsized from his home of 30+ years and moved to the cabin full time (along with my mother in law, duh), he knew the pain of an ever growing wardrobe and purging excess stuff.

On that tangent, I started to wonder ... how many races have I actually ran since I started oh so long ago?  Hmmm....



Races 1-6, Bibs 1-6

New Prague 5K
Lederhosenlauf 5K
Chaska Rotary Polio 5K
Lifetime Torchlight 5K
Gopher to Badger 5K
MN State Fair Milk Run 5K


Races 7-13, Bibs 7-12

New Prague 5K
Carlyle Sherstad 5K
Rainbow Run 5K
Siren Freedom 5K
Shakopee Derby Days 5K
Crosby Serpent Run 5K, No Bib Provided
Lake Run 5K


Races 14-24, Bibs 13-22

Get Lucky 7K
New Prague 5K
Carlyle Sherstad 5K
Rainbow Run 4K (revised course)
Time to Fly 5K
Color Run 5K
Crosby Serpent Run 5K, No Bib Provided
Lake Run 5K
Steamboat Days 5K
Iron Girl Du (run 2, bike 23, run 2)
Monster Dash Half Marathon


Races 25 - 39, Bibs 23 - 37

Shamwalk 5K
Get Lucky 7K
DogNJog 5K
Minnetonka Half Marathon
Adventure Triathlon
Race Chaska 5K (rained out, no run but kept bib)
Rainbow Run 5K
Freedom 5K
Gandy Dancer Trail Run 5K
Webster Education Foundation 5K
Serpent Run 5K, No Bib Provided
Minneapolis Duathlon
Lake Run 5K
Chicago Half Marathon
Mankato Half Marathon
Monster Half Marathon


Races 40 - 54, Bibs 38 - 52

Little Rock Marathon
Get Lucky 7K
Shamrock Shuffle 8K
Minnetonka Half Relay
Waconia Half Relay
Rainbow Run 5K
Freedom 5K
Chinatown 5K
Bacon Chase 5K
Webster Education 5K
Minneapolis Duathlon Relay
Lake Run 5K
Women Run the Cities 5K
Mankato 10K
Skeleton Run 5K

2015 (so far)

Races 55 - 65, Bibs 53 - 62

Tri-U-Mah, No Bib Provided
Hot Chocolate 5K
Lake Minnetonka Half Relay
Cinco de Miler 5 miler
Run the Inferno 5K
Carlyle Sherstad 5K
Rainbow Run 5K
Freedom Five 5K
Gandy Fly-In 5K
Chase the Police Tri
Webster Education 5K

2015 Pending completion: Races 66 - 70, Bibs 63 - 67
Lake Run, Suds Run, Women Run the Cities, TC 10 Mile, Mankato


So, there you have it.  So far I have participated in 65 races (with my 70th on the horizon for 2015 assuming all goes well), and I own 62 bibs.  If you want to consider the entire distances ... that would be:

   One 4K
   Forty-three 5Ks
   Three 7Ks
   One 8K
   One 5 miler
   One 10K
   Five Half Marathons
   Three Half Marathon Relays (at about 6 miles each)
   One Partial Marathon (course was closed at mile 16-17ish)
   One Duathalon (4 miles ran)
   Two Duathlon relays (2x5K at each race)
   Two Triathlons (about 6 miles ran total)
   One Triathlon relay (about 8 miles ran)

Or, roughly 285 miles of racing on foot (this number is not including any swim or bike distances).  And let's not even talk about the training I did working up to that.  Phew!!


So, almost six years of running.  Wow.  I guess ... that's what it gets you!!  All the above, and a real sense of self accomplishment, too.


  1. Congratulations, Natalie. Impressive!

  2. That is an amazing list!!! I wish I had kept all of my race bibs from when I started running. I've always thrown them away, and it seems silly to start collecting them now when I've already run a lot of races over the years. 285 miles, rock on!!!

    1. Don't feel bad you didn't keep your bibs. It is kind of a clutter trap for me now! But, it does make for good cube decor! :-)