Friday, August 7, 2015

Current Workouts & Back to the Training

I suppose it's about time to recap another round of workouts.

First of all - it's a good thing I had Lazyman to keep me honest last month.  Thanks to that, I kept my workout volume up to a more reasonable (although still somewhat subdued) volume.

Second - you might notice, the final section below notes outdoor runs.  I'm finally back on the training horse.  Wish me luck as I ramp up for a 10 mile race later this fall!!

How are your workouts going lately?  Feel free to share in the comments below.


July 6th - 12th
Monday - Rest (evening appointment)
Tuesday - Teach TBC
Wednesday - Swim
Thursday - Teach TBC
Friday - 18 mile bike ride (Lazyman in effect!)
Saturday - 22 mile bike ride
Sunday - 16 mile bike ride

July 13th - 19th
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Teach TBC
Wednesday - Swim
Thursday - Teach TBC
Friday - Active day at the cabin
Saturday - Run the Fly In 5K
Sunday - Active day at the cabin

July 20th - 26th
Monday - Open water swim
Tuesday - Teach TBC
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Teach TBC
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Raced my first Tri!
Sunday - Pool swim

July 27th - August 2nd
Monday - Elliptical intervals (gotta finish that Lazyman)
Tuesday - Teach TBC
Wednesday - Elliptical intervals and a final stationary bike ride
Thursday - Teach TBC
Friday - Lazyman finishers BBQ party!
Saturday & Sunday - Rest

August 3rd - 9th
Monday - 4 mile outdoor run
Tuesday - Teach TBC
Wednesday - 3 mile outdoor lunch run, PM swim
Thursday - Teach TBC
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Race the Webster Education 5K, recap to follow next week!
Sunday - Rest


  1. Congratulations on getting back to the outdoor runs!!! You must be so excited for the TC 10-Miler!!!

    1. I am! However, I'm still cautiously optimistic about my running. So far my feet are fairing OK ... fingers crossed that they still like me after I start racking up more miles!!