Friday, May 29, 2015

2015 Racing - So Far

As I mentioned in my 2014 year end recap, I'm dumb.

Well, technically the exact quote was "Despite running without pushing myself physically, (in 2014) I still found myself being competitive with myself MENTALLY, attempting to maintain or beat my race record of 2013 - 15 bibs on my wall."

So ... you know where this post is going, right?  I mean, of course we all need to know how I'm getting to 15 bibs again in 2015!!

That means today's post is a recap of where I am thus far in 2015.


Races Completed
Total races - 4
Total bibs - 3

Feb - Tri-U-Mah, AKA my first ever triathlon (although no bib was received)
April - Hot Chocolate
May - Lake Minnetonka Half Relay
May - Cinco de Miler

**I also volunteered at my usual Chaska 5K in May, too, but we won't count that in the official tally since I didn't run or get a bib there.

Races Scheduled
Now comes the tough part.  How do I get 12 more bibs squeezed in this year?!  Below is a list of races I'm either already registered for or think I may reasonably attend (I've linked the races to their registration pages in case you want to run with me, too!) 

If I add the below with the above, my new counts would be:

Total races - 14
Total bibs - 13

May - Run the Inferno
June -  Carlyle Sherstad 5K/10KRainbow Run
July - Freedom 5, Gandy Dancer Fly In
August - Webster Education Fund 5K
September - Suds Run, Women Run the Cities
October - TC 10 Mile (pending lotto), Mankato 10K/Half
November & December - Weather Pending

This tentative race schedule leaves me with at least 2 more bibs to earn.  Plus a whole lotta free weekends in June, July and August.  Not to mention I still need to settle on a real, outdoor tri ... though I do have my eye on this one (have you done it - if yes, let's chat).

So now I turn to you ... suggestions?!  I need some race ideas for 2015!!


  1. Great selection of races! I am intrigued by the Gandy Dancer Fly In Drive In. Any race that has an aviation spin sounds really cool to me!!!

    1. Yes! I ran that one two years ago. It's small town Wisconsin, so not a huge production or anything, but the final stretch runs down along the front edge of the landing strip. The year I ran it, several old timey red baron style planes were coming in to land right over my head - pretty cool. Plus, it ends in a pancake breakfast, that you can eat as you continue to watch airplane fly in. Can't beat that!!