Monday, June 1, 2015

Current Workouts & Moving Into Summer

Wow, it's already June and summer is on it's way!  I suppose it's about time to check in with my current workout accomplishments. 

Feel free to check in with your schedule below in the comments, too - let's keep each other honest with how much (or how little, as my case may be) we've been working out!

PS - I'm only counting dedicated cardio time to this report, or activities that prevented me from getting to the gym (ahem - Chicago - ahem).  If I spend a bunch of time outside, walking around or whatever, but I didn't use that as my workout for the day ... then it's not on here. 


May 4th - 10th
Monday - Show up to teach cycle but have class cancelled - Boo!
Tuesday - Teach TBC
Wednesday - Be a Bum (no excuses, I was flat out lazy)
Thursday - Teach TBC
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Cinco de Miler 5 mile run
Sunday - Walk Chicago

May 11th - 17th
Monday - Aggressive elliptical intervals - 8 miles in 45 minutes!
Tuesday - Teach TBC
Wednesday - Swim
Thursday - Teach TBC
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Volunteer at the Chaska 5K/10K/Kids Run
Sunday - Be a bum on a rainy day (no excuses, I was flat out lazy)

May 18th - 24th
Monday - Aggressive elliptical intervals - 12 miles in just over 65 minutes!
Tuesday - Teach TBC
Wednesday - More elliptical intervals - 10 miles in about an hour
Thursday - Teach TBC
Friday - Teach Cycle
Saturday & Sunday - enjoy the Memorial holiday

May 25th- 31st
Monday - enjoy the Memorial holiday
Tuesday - Teach TBC
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Teach TBC
Friday - Planned to teach cycle, class was cancelled
Saturday - Ran the Inferno!  Recap coming ...
Sunday - Rest

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