Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Run to Venus With Me - For Free!!

Awhile back, I heard about a group called "Moon Joggers". 

In a nut shell, it's a group of people that ran all year in 2013, logged their mileage at a central website, and watched the numbers add up... all in hopes that they could accumulate enough miles to equal a run to a moon.

They were so successful in their efforts for 2013 that they made it to the moon by May.  So, they decided why stop there?  And they turned around and came back.  They also decided to go for a huge stretch goal in 2014 - complete a run to Venus!!

When I heard about this group somewhere at the end of 2013, I contemplated joining, but if I remember right... it cost a little bit of money.  At the time, I thought to myself - well, I can do base mile training for free, so why would I spend money on this when I could register for a race instead?  Thinking nothing more of it, I dropped it and moved on.

Until today, when I saw that they were open for FREE membership!

Who am I to say no to free?  So, of course, I signed up.

Aside from providing your name and email address, the sign up is pretty quick.  Seriously, it took me less than a minute to register.  So ... wanna do it?  Registration takes place here.

The only other thing you need to do when you register is select what level of mileage you want to commit to.  There are different levels you can pick from - starting at 100 miles for the year and working all the way up to the mind boggling 5,000 mile mark.  I debated the 1,000 mile commitment, but decided that may be a bit of a stretch, and settled with the conservative 500 mile "Cadet" title.

Now I await my confirmation, and then ... off to the site to start logging my miles.  The competitive nature in me is already rearing it's ugly head.  LOL!

Come on - can you beat me to my 500 mile goal?!


Still debating your registration?  WHY?!  Per their website: "We would love to have you part of this fun running community! It is perfect for beginners, people that just love walking, jogging, or running, and competitive marathoners… and everyone in between! We invite you to join us in our journeys!"

So come on... are ya' with me?!

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