Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Nostalgia

Oh man!  I don't even know where the summer has gone!  We're already over half through July, and with August just around the corner... I'm feeling nostalgic for summer already, and I hardly have a tan.

To further add to my growing frustration, I haven't had a race since 4th of July.  I feel like a woman without a purpose ... or a summer!

While a part of me loves the idea of summer forever, this time of year is such a double edged sword ... all the best races of course, but all the hottest/most humid weather, too.  Who wants to run in that?  Or, alternately, who wants to get up at 5am just to run in lower temps?

So, while I battle my love/hate relationship with summer, and also mourn it's pending doom of ending, let's review my remaining 2013 race schedule.  (At least as it stands for the foreseeable future.) 

Will I be seeing you on course?  Or, if not, where are you running?  Share your race schedule in the comments below.

     7/27 - Gandy Dancer Fly-In 5K, Siren, WI

    8/10 - Walk/Run for Education 5K, Webster, WI

    8/17 - Serpent Run (5K), Crosby, MN

    8/25 - Minneapolis Duathlon, Minneapolis, MN

    8/31 - Lake Run (5K), Shell Lake, WI

    9/8 - Chicago Half Marathon, Chicago, IL

    10/20 - Mankato Half Marathon, Mankato, MN

    10/26 - Monster Dash Half Marathon, St. Paul, MN

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