Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tunes, Man!

Being that I run 2-3 times per week (sometimes for up to 2 hours at a time), teach or attend aerobic classes 2-3 times per week, ride my bike for 4-6 hours a week, and hate all the radio stations in the metro area lately thus relying even more heavily on my iTunes collection... I've become some what maniacal about my music in the last few months - especially my running playlists. 

I love music in general, and when you add to that the fact that I need variety so I'm not listening to the same damn thing every time I workout, well... that leads to quite a music collection.  Good thing I'm set up with my iPhone.  It has 32G of storage space, and I've almost filled it full of tunes!

My general collection ranges from Etta James to Metallica to Busta Rhymes, and pretty much everything in between.  But let's face it, "Unchained Melody" isn't exactly gonna get your heart pumping pre-workout or give you the boost you need at mile 11.

So, what's a runner to do?

Lately, I've become quite dependent on the iTunes Genius function.  In fact, I believe that's how I found a couple of my recent favorites - Steve Aoki's album "Wonderland" and a handful of songs by Nero.

For running in particular, normally I have 2 playlists that I rotate heavily between.  One is set up for long distance running and has around 3 hours of music on it, which I titled "Running" (creative, I know).  The other list is perfectly timed out for 5K racing.  Let's look at that one first!

Run 5K Playlist
1 - 3's & 7's, Queens of the Stone Age
2 - Countdown, Beyoncé
3 - Harder Better Faster Stronger, Daft Punk
4 - Sexy and I Know It, LMFAO
5 - Around the World (Radio Edit), Daft Punk
6 - Sandstorm, Darude
7 - Run the World (Girls), Beyoncé
8 - Suck My ...! (X Rated Club Edit), Dickheadz
9 - F**k the Pain Away, Peaches
10 - Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing in the Line), N.E.R.D.

Now, if you're good at estimating song times, you'll notice something special in the above.  *wink*

Ok, ok.  I'll spell it out for you.  Around the 25/26 minute mark, the song #8 is set up to play.  Basically, right when I should be giving my all to the 5K and pulling into the finish.  I know, right?!  And just as a little extra insurance, I put #9 on the list for when I'm having a bad race day.  Typically, I never hear song #10, unless I forget to turn off my music post run.  (BTW, I never said I was a FAST runner, for me a 27-28 min 5K is pretty OK).

Here's my other list.  There are a few repeats from above in it, but oh well!

Running Playlist
Headlines, Drake
Move Shake Drop, Dynamix Music
Sexy and I Know It, LMFAO
Drop It Low, Kat DeLuna
Harder Better Faster Stronger, Daft Punk
Prutataaa (Original Mix), Afro Jack
Bounce (Radio Edit), Calvin Harris
Technologic, Daft Punk
Sandstorm, Darude
Gettin' Over You, Fergie & LMFAO
Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit, DJ Hush
Around the World (Radio Edit), Daft Punk
Calabria 2007 (Club Mix), Enur
Suck My ...! (X Rated Club Edit), Dickheadz
Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing in the Line), N.E.R.D.
F**k the Pain Away, Peaches
Busy Child, The Crystal Method
Pon de Floor, Major Laser
Wonderman, Tiny Tempah
Let It Loose, Wale
Too Close, Alex Care
Feel It Boy, Beenie Man
Helicopter, Block Party
Want U Back, Cher Lloyd
Maths, Deadmau5
If I Was You (OMG)(Club Remix), Far East Movement
Too Many Dicks, Flight of the Conchords
The Sentinel, Hilltop Hoods
Universal Heartbeat, Juliana Hatfield
Bad Girls, M.I.A.
Promises, Nero
Beez in the Trap, Nicki Minaj
Gangnam Style, Psy
3's & 7's, Queens of the Stone Age
Raining Men, Rihanna & Nicki Minaj
Unstoppable, Santigold
You'll Find a Way, Santigold
Get Busy, Sean Paul
Temperature, Sean Paul
Last Nite, The Strokes
Bout Ta Bubble, Tech N9ne
When I Get You Alone, Thicke
Birthday Cake, Rihanna
Groove is in the Heart, Deee-lite
My Prerogative, Britney Spears
Lemme Get That, Rihanna

And that's it, folks!

What do you listen to when you run?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

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