Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Product Review: Lucy Run Tank

Awhile back, I decided to finally utilize my group fitness instructor status to get me some sweet, sweet discounts.  Basically, as an instructor, I can get various discounts on fitness products.  Every store varies, and some places offer nada.  But Lucy has a decent discount.  So, while out shopping with my sister, I stopped into a Lucy store and signed up to be a Lucy Pro. 

The sign up process was pretty quick, and since I already own a handful of Lucy products (pre-Pro status), it didn't take me long to settle on what I wanted.  I selected the Pack and Dash Tank.


At the time that I purchased, the above blue color was in season.  Checking online now, it looks like they've since updated the color selections and put this particular one on clearance:

New colors:,default,pd.html&dwvar_111298_color=LUCY%20WHITE


No matter, I still like the color I got, regardless of it's reject clearance status :-).

I have to say, when I debated buying this, I was almost a NO GO.  For my body shape, having a cinch feature at the hip is usually a big no-no.  Also, the fabric seemed a little on the heavy side, which isn't exactly ideal when you're out for a run and sweating like a pig. 

But the cute ruching on the back, the multiple pockets, and the novelty of having bib holes on the front of the shirt (to pin your race number to), made this tank attractive enough to make me give it a shot.

I've worn this tank for a handful of runs now, and I have to admit, it's pretty nice!

First of all, my fears about the cinch feature at the hip was a non issue.  When you let out the elastic 100%, the shirt hangs free and ends up looking like a typical A-line cut top.  No worries there.

As for the fabric weight, it hasn't seemed to make me hot.  Of course, I haven't run in 100 degree weather or anything, but so far so good!

And as for the pockets - they are really great!  Of course the pockets on both hips are nice, and I used the one with a top flap to hold my energy gels.  Nothing too exciting there.  But more interesting is the center pocket.  As you can see in the above, the center pocket has a cinch strap to keep the top closed so things stay in place while you run.  For me, that pocket works great as an iPhone holder.  I just started my tunes, threw my phone in there, and snugged the top closed.  As a bonus, my headphone wires are just about the right length to make it to my head without any additional wire flopping around.  Score!  At 8-10 miles, the phone held fine, and I didn't even have any chafing issues with the extra phone weight.  (Interestingly enough, I saw another woman running with this top on, and she used the center pocket to hold her water bottle.  Not sure that I would do that myself, but it didn't seem to bother her any... but I digress.)

I do still have my doubts about how "good" the pockets are.  I mean, for something that could easily slip out mid run without my notice (IE car keys), I still like the additional insurance of a zippered pocket.  Not that I have to worry, since all my run capris have that already.  But just sayin'...

As for the bib holes on the front of the shirt, I've yet to give those a test.  As you've seen in my race recaps, I just can't win on race day lately.  Ice, more ice, snow and wind seem to be the theme.  Hopefully I'll get to test that feature out soon.

Overall, I say this tank is a yes!  If you want something that's cute, functional and keeps your hands empty while you run, this is the one for you!

Go buy it already! 

And if your a t-shirt type, they've got you covered too:,default,pd.html&dwvar_110921_SALE_color=LUCY%20WHITE

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