Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Year of the Swim

As I mentioned in my Tuesday post, towards the end of last year I "retired" from my old gym and teaching group fitness.  As a result, that left me searching for a new place to get fit.

Funny enough, at the same time that I left, a few other people I knew from my old gym also shopped around.  Unbeknownst to me, some of them joined the same new place I did.

So of course, now I have to goad people to join me in the antics of this new place, too ...

Queue the 100-Mile Swim Challenge taunting on Facebook:

I've never been a huge swimmer.  In fact, with 52 weeks in a year and an end goal of 100 miles, I'd have to pretty much double my current swim routine in order to finish.  But since I don't have any real training goals for 2017 and I like new challenges, I thought this would be worth a shot.
Plus, I have an indoor tri coming up end of February, so if nothing else this should help me rock the swim segment.
Not to mention, swimming is easy to get in over my lunch break at work.  So it's a natural fit into whatever my "mom fitness" routine evolves into.
So, that all being said ... let the trash talking begin.

Oh ... and anyone have any tips for me on swim friendly ear buds or lap counters?  I'm terrible at keeping track of my laps in my head.  Suggestions welcome below.

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