Monday, July 20, 2015

Racing Recap for 2015 Thus Far

Back in May I laid out my 2015 racing plan.  In that post, I talked about my 15 bib per year goal, and what my tentative schedule was for the year.

So ... how am I doing?


Completed Races
Total races - 9
Total bibs - 8

Feb - Tri-U-Mah, AKA my first ever triathlon (although no bib was received)
April - Hot Chocolate
May - Lake Minnetonka Half RelayCinco de Miler
June - Run the Inferno, Carlyle Sherstad, Rainbow Run
July - Freedom Five, Gandy Fly-In (recap pending - stay tuned!)

Not too shabby of a start to the racing season, eh?!  Of my 15 goal bibs, I'm over half way there with 8 on my wall.  But ... maybe that's not enough given we are over half way through summer, and thus over half way through the ideal racing season in Minnesota.  Hopefully being just ahead of the curve in all three will prove sufficient.

Races ScheduledTotal races - 15
Total bibs - 13
July - Chase the Cops Tri (not likely to include a bib)
August - Webster Education
September - Suds Run, Women Run the Cities
October - TC 10 Mile (pending lotto), Mankato
November & Beyond - TBD based on weather

OK, so this is where I start to falter.  I'm for sure 2 bibs short of my goal, despite the fact that I'm on par for total races completed (damn triathlons and their body marking).  I guess I need to get on it and find a few more races to run yet this summer.  Suggestions?

Oh ... and let's not talk about my training for the Women Run the Cities and TC 10 milers.  Because ... well, there hasn't been any.  I suppose I should hop on that.


Motivate me with your race suggestions below!!


  1. If you are at the cabin Labor Day weekend, there is a Lake Run in Shell Lake ( about 30 min from Siren). There is a 9 mile around the lake or a 5K

    1. Thanks for the reminder! I've been debating that one for 2015 ... The out and back isn't my favorite. But if I'm up, I suppose it's a bonus workout. May as well earn myself an extra beer on the pontoon.

      Are you running Webster? I heard "someone" donated finishers medals... ;-)

    2. You could do the 9 mile around the lake. It is a pretty run, I do it when training for halfs.

      I am not doing Webster. I have an out of town wedding that day!

    3. Aw! That's too bad. Next year then.

      Sheesh ... 9 miles seems like forever and a day right now. I basically haven't followed a training plan for running in the last year due to some personal issues and then an injury. Though ... I just found out I'm in for the TC 10 mile, so I suppose I better start ramping up my training. Don't count on seeing me for the 9 mile at that race, though. If anything, I'll stick to the 5K for now.