Monday, March 31, 2014

Or Am I Just Being Lazy?

This weekend, as you can see, my sister and I made some very health conscious, life changing decisions:

Yes, you're seeing that right.  My sister is drinking a Bloody Mary with a Chicago dog on it (among other things - other delicious, delicious things).

Hey, we're only human.  And at least it was AFTER running the Shamrock Shuffle (which I'll recap later this week).

While having lunch at Jimmy Green's, we had a great discussion about moderation in life.  Including moderation in eating and in working out.  Overall, our discussion was about when it's OK to do something "bad", and when it's not.  Obviously, we don't drink/eat junk like this every day.  So, indulging once on a special occasion is OK.

Similarly, we both try to be active.  But there might be that one day where you're body isn't feeling quite right - you're tired, you're sick, you're injured... whatever.  On those days, it's OK to self evaluate and say "you know, today isn't my day, I think I'm going to sit this one out."

However, the catch in this whole concept is that you have to be extremely honest with yourself.  You have to ask "how much other junk have I eaten this week - should I really be doing this?"  Or if you're skipping out on a workout, you have to ask "am I really not feeling right today, or am I just being lazy?"

If you can't be honest with yourself, the system breaks.  You overindulge in foods you don't need and don't exercise enough. 

So, be truly honest with yourself.

"Am I really not feeling right today, or am I just being lazy?"

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