Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Racing - Gearing Up For 2014

It seems like all the other running blogs I read are already waaaaaay past me on this one, so I thought I better get a hop on it.

Today, I'm going to discuss my 2014 race schedule.

If you're a regular to this blog, you know last year I ran 15 races.  Yes, 15.  There were 4 half marathons, a du relay, a tri relay, a 7K and a slew of 5Ks. 

I know 15 seems like a lot.  And when you add on top of that the fact that Minnesota really only has 6-8 months of "good" race weather, 15 seems like even more.  I honestly couldn't think of many weekends last summer where I felt like I DIDN'T have a race on the schedule.

I know.  I think it got to be a bit much.

That being said, I am going to approach my 2014 racing a bit differently.

Rather than racing just because I have a weekend open, I'm going to be more selective.  I want to pick races that are meaningful... which can "mean" a lot of things.  For example, the first two races I'm set on for 2014, I'm doing for fun with my sister:

Get Lucky Twin Cities, March 15th
A 7K fun run type race, with costumes ... and a free beer at the finish.
You can read my recap from this race last year, or just hold out until I post for 2014.

Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle Chicago, March 30th
An 8K race that's fantastically HUGE!  Case in point:
Yes, that is their banana station post race.
I've never done this one before, but I heard it is awesome, so I'm willing to give it a shot.

I'm sure my approach to racing this year has some people baffled, because last year any time someone asked me if I was running a particular race it was a 90% chance I'd say yes.  But this year, every time people ask me if I'm registered for a particular race, I keep coming back with a:

That's not to say that I'm NOT doing that race.  It's just that I have a master plan for my spring racing (which I'll share more about next week).  And, for 2014 I want to first see how that master plan makes me feel.. and then, when I'm ready for another race, choose it in a more thoughtful manner. 

Last year, I ran with abandon.  This year, I want to avoid that.  I want to make sure I am choosing races because I'm going to enjoy them, or I want to approach them with a particular strategy in mind, or I want to do them with another person.  I want to force myself to learn that sometimes, less is more.

And I think my husband will appreciate that I'm not so booked up every weekend, too!  :-)

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  1. Oh my goodness, that picture of the mountain of bananas!!! So crazy!!!

    I couldn't agree with you more on race quality versus quantity. There are SO MANY RACES out there to pick from. No need to run any race that you aren't super excited about. I am looking forward to hearing what other races you select for the year!