Friday, July 15, 2016

These Last Three Months

Ok, so I have to admit it's been a LONG time since I've seriously updated this blog.  I know I've done a few quick blurbs here or there, but the last post of real substance ... yeah.  It's been A WHILE.

Since I don't really know where I left off, let's see ... where do I pick back up again?  Well, let's just start with the last three months. 

First of all, obviously, this happened (hence the reason for my absence):

And then, in celebration of no longer having to manage my blood sugars (at least in that moment), this happened:

Eek.  That's one bloated face.  Sorry.  Blech! 

Anyway, speaking of blood sugars, most of you know I was diagnosed in my third trimester as a gestational diabetic. If you didn't read that post, go ahead and click over there it to get up to speed. 

If you're wondering where I landed with all that, here's the update: after giving birth, initially my blood sugars were a little high.  To make matters worse, at my 6 week postpartum appointment, by A1C blood test looked borderline high as well.  That meant I got to do another blood glucose blood screen. 


Yet another nasty bottle of orange drink later and a huge delay from the testing lab (seriously, blood sugar test results SHOULD NOT take a week to process), I ended up testing out diabetes free.  Phew!  What a relief. 

I guess if I take nothing else away from that entire experience, I do have one claim to fame: I have now done every glucose test known to man - the 1 hour, the 2 hour AND the 3 hour.  If that's something to brag about.  (Pro tip: it's not).

After finally knowing I was diabetes free and approved by my doctor to start back at the gym, I shifted my focus back to eating a reasonable diet (including cake - on occasion) and trying to get back into shape post baby ... which will hopefully circumvent the elevated risk I have of becoming type 2 diabetic in the future. 

Yes, you read that right. Six weeks post baby I was back to teaching one night a week at the gym.

Whatever, I managed a car trip to Chicago for a wedding when I was 2 weeks post delivery.  That made going back to the gym seem like a piece of cake.


Of course while we were in Chicago we had to stop and see the bean, right?  But I digress.

So ... lets see.  I covered birth, my gestational diabetes, the wedding, getting back to the gym ... what else?

Oh, well as you saw in this post, we did our first race cheer.  That was at 3 or 4 weeks post delivery.

Speaking of races, I actually "ran" two 5Ks already since having the baby (I use the word loosely - we're talking a 12-13 minute per mile pace).  Plus, we took our first family bike ride not too long ago, too.  Which means in terms of being physically active, I've done pretty much everything I did pre-baby aside from get back into the pool ... which is coming maybe next month, since I have too many things on the agenda right now.

Before you pass judgment on me jumping right back into being physically active, do re-read what I stated above (and I'll repeat it here): my doctor approved everything I did during and after my pregnancy.  And I don't regret one thing that I did physically during this entire pregnancy / post birth recovery cycle.  I say that because being so physically fit was a HUGE help in the delivery room (hello - I was admitted for delivery at 1:30 in the afternoon and the baby was born at 9:30 pm ... that is NOT normal for a first time mom).  And beyond birth itself, getting back into being active has been great for me as well. 

Why?  Well, because as of about 2 weeks ago - I WAS ALREADY BACK TO MY POST PREGNANCY BODY WEIGHT.  Granted, I am nowhere near as toned as I was when I first got pregnant, and I was carrying a bit of extra weight at that point that I was trying to/still need to work back down.  BUT WHO CARES?  Two and a half months post baby and the scale is where it was pre-pregnancy?  YASSSS!!!

Aside from my general physical health, there has been other fun stuff, too. 

Like ... well, I took a night off from mommyhood about a month post baby where my sister and I had a belated birthday party for me.  Yes, we saw Beyonc√©.

And yes, I spent $45 on a crappy concert tee.  Don't judge.

And of course, in the last three months, I took TONS of time to be with my new BFF.  While I won't be posting much of him on this blog, I do have to say - he's a pretty cute baby (even if I AM a little biased).

So that's about it.  The highlights reel of what I did on maternity leave.  Which leaves me with two race recaps to get up to speed on, a third race I'm about to head out to this weekend, and a world of discussions that I may or may not post about being a mom - cloth diapers, working out post baby, etc.

Anyway - that's about it for today.  I hope you all had a nice last few months as well, and I look forward to getting back into a more regular blog cycle. 

See you here next week!

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