Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Just For Fun - Awkward Pool Floaties

Occasionally I post something dorky and funny here on the blog.

While this is not really fitness related, and I already shared this on Facebook so some of you may have already seen it, I couldn't resist posting here as well.

And yes, I was actually shopping for pool floaties and found these myself.  Unbelievably, I somehow managed to resist purchasing any of them.  I don't know how that happened!

Links provided in case you want to purchase any for your own personal use.  (We won't judge, but just don't tell us what you're using them for.)

See you Thursday with another race recap!


Awkward Pool Floaties

Pickle Floatie - The floatie that started my morbid curiosity.

36" long, huh?  That's what he said.

Banana Floatie - This one is meant to be ridden.

I'm sorry, look at that kid's face.  Even he knows this isn't right.

Eggplant Floatie - Apparently this is a thing?  I don't know why.

It looks innocent enough above in what is the primary photo for the listing, but then you see how much fun some random woman is having with it in a secondary photo.

Nope.  Not suggestive.  AT.  ALL.

Clam Floatie - Because I guess if we're going to be phallic with pickles, bananas and eggplants ... then we need to go the other way as well.  Gender equality!

Um .. when I sit on this, the pearl goes where now?

YOLO Floatie - Yes, I see there is also a hashtag and an @ symbol in this listing, but its the YOLO that really grabbed my attention.  Seriously, what market are we aiming at here?  And are these even functional for anything?  I can't imagine they actually let someone float on them, they don't look big enough.

Poo Floatie - The piece de resistance.  And why not?  Because if we're going to have floaties for hashtags, @ symbols, and eggplant emojis ... why not poo too?


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